Why Women Leave Men They Love: What Every Man Needs To Know

Why Women Leave Men They Love: What Every Man Needs To Know

According to a marriage counselor, couples go to therapy in order to solve some issues they have, and there are many complicated situations. So, men need to know one big truth: A woman abandons even a man she loves.

Even though women do not feel good about leaving the men they love, they do it. They gather some courage, and they leave even men with whom they have kids, lives, and homes.

There are many reasons why a woman leaves her beloved. But, there is one big reason that every man needs to know. So, men, keep in mind that a woman may leave you if you are not present.

A man, who is constantly working, gaming, playing sports, watching TV, etc., is not a bad man, he is a good one. He is a good father who loves his family, but sadly, he takes his woman for granted.

Usually, women tell to their counselor that someone could just sweep them off their feet and take them, and that makes them cry. Men, please, do not get hurt, indignant, or angry, that is the reality.

You need to remember that your woman is not a property. She does not owe you anything. You need to earn her soul each day. You need to make sure to win her all over again.

Your woman needs to feel that you are there, she needs to talk with you about things that matter, and she needs to know that you are listening. You should not just pretend that you are listening while nodding your head.

She needs to know and feel that you are there. Some absent-minded and quick intercourse is not what your woman desires. She needs passion. You need to show her passion for making love, and for life as well.

If you feel like you have lost that passion for life, you need to find it because it is the most attractive thing you have. Try listening to your woman, be there for her, do not let your mind wander.

Gaze into her eyes, and tell her that you want to see her deeply, that you want to know her well. But, say these things only if you truly mean them. When you are touching her, pay full attention.

Before you touch her, notice the sensation in your hand. And, see what happens when you put your hand on her. Is there something happening in your body? Do you feel anything? What do you feel?

Pay attention to the emotions and sensations, and tell her everything you feel. All of this sounds nice and it is really helpful, but you are too busy to do that, right? Maybe you do not have enough time, but you have five minutes.

You have five minutes that you should use each day to be there for your woman. You need to be totally open. See her, listen to her, and do not judge her. When you start doing this, you will not want to stop. Will you try?

Your woman deserves to be loved by someone who is truly there for her. Do it for your woman, and do it for yourself too.