9 Ways To Tell Your Dogs You Love Them In Their Own Language

9 Ways To Tell Your Dogs You Love Them In Their Own Language

If you own a dog, then, you know that your dog loves you to the Moon and back. But, did you know that most of the dogs do not like hugs? Well, that does not mean that a dog does not enjoy receiving affection, you just have to show love in their language.

In this article, we offer you ways in which you can show your dog that you love them back.

1. Deep Gaze

According to Dr. B. Hare, when a dog stares at you that means that he is hugging you with his eyes. However, keep in mind that you should not stare at unfamiliar dogs because it may be considered as a threat.

But, with your trusted pet you can try gazing into its eyes, stroke it gently, and speak softly. During these moments, Dr. Hare says that you stimulate the release of Oxytocin (a hormone that bonds a mother and a kid) in its brain.

2. Talk

Thanks to some studies done using MRI, we know that dogs can understand our language. This means that it is not that crazy to talk that loud to your dog. Also, it has been shown that reading can calm high-energy and anxious dogs, and to bring shy puppies out of their shells.

3. Raise Your Eyebrows

One Japanese study revealed that dogs raise their eyebrows (especially the left one) when their owner greets them. The study showed that when dogs were greeted by strangers, they showed less facial activity.

The reason behind this is because the right brain controls the left side of the face and that is tied to emotions, while the left side of the brain is tied to analytical behavior.

4. Be a Good Listener

Keep in mind that dogs use body language and facial expressions to show how they feel. So, pay more attention to understand your dog better.

5. Lean on Them

Press a little your weight against your dog just to show it that you have a trust in it. In this way, your dog shows you that it trusts you too. Have you noticed when you are in the kitchen, and your dog presses up against the back of your legs? That is a hug.

6. Sleep Together

According to neuroscientist G. Berns, when dogs sleep with their owners is the best way to show their trust and love because, during their sleep, they are in their most vulnerable stage. Also, they see us as a part of their pack.

If you do not like having your dog in your bed, then, spend a few minutes every day to snuggle on the floor or on the sofa.

7. Take Your Dog for a Walk

When you share experiences and training sessions with your dog you build partnership, communication, and trust. Since dogs thrive on schedule and routine, make sure to take your dog for a walk every day, and include training sessions as well.

8. Be Yourself

Keep in mind that dogs can read your emotions. So, be yourself and keep doing what you are doing because your dog is aware that your love is real.

9. Groom Session or Massage

Give your dog a massage or a gentle grooming session. In this way, you will stimulate the release of oxytocin.

We hope that these ways were helpful. Now, go and enjoy your time petting your dog.

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