Watching Birds Can Help You Deal with Anxiety and Depression, Study Says

Nowadays everything is fast; you get fast food, fast cars, etc. To be more precise we life at a fast pace and somehow we forget to take a second and think about us and our mental health. What is mental health?

This health refers to our emotional, behavioral and cognitive well-being. Mental health is about how we behave, think and feel. You should know that our mental health can impact your daily life, physical health, and relationships.

Also, it includes the ability of a person to enjoy life, to have a balance between efforts and life activities to get psychological resilience.

Do you take care of your mental health? The good news that there is a way to take care of it, and it is free and all-natural. Intrigued? Read on, to find out.

Study on This Topic

Have you ever got back from the countryside, where you went for a day, feeling better? Do you feel that your mind hushed, anxiety soothed or mood altered?

It seems that escaping from the daily routine once in a while is good for your mental health. As a matter of fact, researchers have been working out whether wild animals, flowers, grass, and trees might be used to deal with anxiety and depression.

More About This Study

Based on this study, individuals who live in neighborhoods with more trees, shrubs, and birds are actually less likely to suffer from stress, depression, and anxiety.

This specific study was carried out at the University of Exeter. It included hundreds of people.

This study found out that there are benefits for the mental health when seeing trees, shrubs, and birds around the house no matter whether people lived in suburban or urban neighborhoods.

The researchers surveyed the mental health in more than 270 individuals from different ethnicities, ages, and incomes.

They came to the discovery that those individuals who spend less time outdoors than the previous week were actually more likely to say that they were depressed or anxious.

The Importance of Birds

The researchers conducted extensive studies on the number of birds present in the afternoon and morning in Luton, Milton Keynes, and Bedford.

The researchers came to the discovery that the lower levels of stress, depression, and anxiety were actually connected to the number of birds individuals could see in the afternoons.

In this particular study, common types of birds were seen such as crows, blackbirds, blue tits, and robins. However, the researchers didn’t find any link between the mental health and the species of birds.

But they found a link between the number of birds people could see from home, in their neighborhood or the garden.

The Opinion of Dr.Daniel Cox

Previous studies have come to the discovery that the capability of most individuals to recognize different bird species is low. This means that for most individuals it is interacting with birds, not specific birds it what offers well-being.

The researcher who led the study, Dr. Daniel Cox says that this study begins to unpick the role nature has when it comes to our mental health.

He says that birds around us and nature in general, come with great promise in our health care, making the big cities happier, healthier places to live in. The positive link between trees, birds and shrubs and better mental health applied.

This happened even after controlling for difference in household income, neighborhood deprivation, age and other different socio-demographic factors.


Do you feel that you need a break from the daily routine? Take some time off for yourself, go somewhere in nature just look around, try to relax and enjoy the view.

Take care of yourself and your mental health. Watch the birds, and while watching their freedom, you will feel yours as well.

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