Disfigured Veteran With Scars Says Hi To 5-Year-Old. Her Response Brings Millions To Tears

Although it is hard to think about it, the truth is that life can change in a second. Most people live their lives in order to make them better, but sometimes we can’t control all things around us. Meet Simon Brown; he served in the army for whole 13 years.

Sadly, his life also changed in a second. On December 2006, while Simon Brown was serving in Basra, Iraq, he helped rescue 6 colleagues. Their vehicle broke down, and they were coming under fire.

At first, it was thought that Simon Brown had escaped unharmed and untouched when he saved his colleagues. But the reality was different, and for him, everything changed in a split second.

A sniper shot Simon, and he was fighting for his life. BBC says that the shot entirely ripped into him, severely damaging his face and destroying Simon’s left eye.

Simon told BBC,”I was rushed to Basra Palace, and I was put in a drug-induced coma and immediately flown back to Britain.

Now, I have only 20 % vision in my right eye, it is something like looking through the frosty glass, but even that is something.” Just think how much his disfigured face actually impacted his confidence.

Simon had to learn how to live as an independent adult.

5-Year-Old Tempy

But then, we also have a 5-year-old Temperance Pattinson, also known as Tempy.

Tempy grew up with love for war heroes and soldiers. Tempy’s love was so powerful and strong that she began helping veterans since she was 3.

As a matter of fact, this little girl has participated in many things which helps out soldiers, like charity triathlons. However, she has never come face to face with someone who is a real soldier. In fact, this was on her to do list.

Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes is an organization which offers help and support for those who just went through wounds, injuries, and illnesses while being in the British Armed Forces.

And thanks to the Facing It Together campaign, this amazing little girl got her wish granted. Tempy finally got to meet a real soldier, and that was Simon.

The two got together in a heartwarming face-to-face. Their meeting is really emotional to watch. It is like that since Simon wasn’t actually sure how Tempy would react to his injuries and his look.

Watch the meeting of these two in the video below, and you will understand why the video went viral and was shared by thousands on Facebook.

Spoiler Alert

Simon’s disfigurement and scars had no adverse effect on the little girl. The conversation between them is adorable and sweet, and it will make you remember that there are still good and amazing people in this world.

This video will surely make your day.