Irish Teen Wins Top Science Prize For Blackberry Antibiotic That Fights Resistant Bacteria

This teenager named Simon Meehan who is 15-years-old, and he comes from Coláiste Choilm, Ireland won the Young Scientist of the year. He was the winner among 4,251 students. Why is his first place deserved?

He revealed that blackberries contain chemicals that may form antibiotics. But, what is good about this? In fact, these antibiotics are able to kill Staphylococcus aureus, bacteria famous for its resistance to antibiotics. Isn’t this amazing?

He selected nine plants from his surroundings such as nettles, blackberries, and asparagus, and he conducted tests to see if they contain chemicals capable of influencing bad bacteria.

Simon says that his granddad was an herbalist and the inspiration that motivated him not to give up.

The smart young man said that his discovery should offer some conclusion to the scientific community. According to Simon, people are over-thinking science too much.

The professor who was one of the judges during the competition, John O’Halloran said that this was an inspiring project that opens the possibility of analyzing the possibility that extract from blackberries leaves can fight bad bacteria.

Also, this is a specific and excellent way to kill bacteria because it comes from nature. Simon’s project was precise and accurate, and that made him the winner of the 54th competition.

As a reward, the wise teenager got the BTYSTE trophy, 7,500 euros, as well as a trip to Britain, the Bletchley Park which is a scene of the well-known Enigma code-cracking project that had a significant role during the WW2 in winning over the Nazis.

All that we can say now is “Congratulations, Simon! We all hope that there will be many other important and beneficial discoveries in the field of science.”