How Successful Women Recharge Their Batteries To Stay At The Top

Ambitious women learn how to negotiate, speak out, delegate, lean in, and many other behaviors, in order to become successful. However, getting a promotion comes with challenges.

A successful woman who just got a promotion has to face challenges in parenting, self-confidence, gender differences in risk-taking, domestic duties, childcare etc. These are barriers that put women at a disadvantage.

So, women who want to be successful at their jobs, they find a way how to decrease anxiety levels, find a working ally, and know their own supercharges.

1. Reduce Anxiety

Women and men who enter the top ranks of an organization, they have to take risks. And, this does not mean that when one is at the top, everything is smooth and easy. There are many challenges, decisions to make, going against everyone etc.

Since women may struggle more than men, they may experience anxiety. When the level of anxiety is high, you cannot make decisions or changes with clear eyes. In fact, having anxiety is exhausting.

In this case, the main focus is important. Usually, women who focus on their career, and their goal is to maintain or improve their position are less likely to have an impact as leaders.

When the greatest goal is to avoid failure and play it safe, then, anxiety will dominate your career. On the other hand, successful women do not see their careers as an end goal.

But, they see them as tools to create changes, breakthroughs, and results. In this way, they keep calm, are able to work under pressure, and can save their energy for the times when they are going to need it the most.

2. A Work Ally

The personal life is a source of energy, but not the only one. Keep in mind that having the right work under the proper conditions is something that can be good for you as well.

According to Amy Edmondson, psychological safety is very important, and this means that people you work with should be on your side. Saying something stupid or making a mistake should not be something you are afraid of when being with these people.

Unfortunately, it is not the same when you are at the top. If you fail while being a leader, the consequences are much bigger. So, instead of focusing on the entire team, as a leader, you should find only one ally.

You should be able to talk freely and to discuss things behind the scenes with this person. If you do not have an ally, you should keep in mind that you should not focus on the gender when choosing one.

This person should be someone you have trust in and you can feel free to say whatever you think. Also, you should talk about your passions, and you will be able to see who likes the same things as you.

It is important to talk with your ally-to-be outside work. For instance, share a car ride, a meal, sit together during a flight etc.

3. Supercharges

It is essential to maintain a work-life balance when you are at the top. Every person has their own psychological supercharges. So, if you do not have one, you should find the one that suits you.

When you are searching for the thing that helps you recharge your batteries, you should set aside the ideas about what women should or should not do. Some leaders like coloring in adult coloring books, some like reading books, others following new trends etc.

And, it is very important to never forget to have fun. Usually, leaders forget about fun, but that should not happen to you. You need to remember that spending money on activities you like can be an excellent investment.

When you get to your desired position, you should make sure to stay there, and you can succeed that by taking care of yourself.

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