Why We Need To Respect Our Parents In Their Old Age?

Heart Touching Story About Respecting Your Parents Till the End

It was a peaceful, ordinary afternoon. At the end of the street, there was a big, white house. In the living room, two men were sitting on the sofa. The one was an 80-year-old man which you could quickly notice by the wrinkles and by his tired hands.

The other was good looking and well-educated 45-year-old man. The old man was the father of this highly-educated man. Then, something happened, a crow appeared on the window.

The further turned to his son and asked: “ Son, what is that?” “It’s a crow” the son replied to his father. After a couple of minutes, the father asked the same question. The son replied, “I just told you it’s a crow.”

The father was silent, but after a while, he asked: “What is that?” Then the son made an angry face and with irritation said: “It’s a crow, can’t you see a crow.”

His father was once again silent. But in a few minutes, he asked: “What is that?” This time the son started shouting at his father:” Why do you keep asking the same question over and over again?”

The father just looked at him, and his son continued talking “I told you many times IT’S A CROW!” Silence again in the room. The son couldn’t stop “Do you understand what I am saying?”

The father didn’t reply anything. Instead, he slowly stood up and went to his bedroom. His son was trying to calm down, but the father returned and sat on the sofa next to his son.

In his hands, he had an old book; it was actually his diary which he kept even before his son was born. The father opened the diary on one page, gave the book to his son and asked: “Can you please read this page to me?”

His son nervously took the book and began reading, in the dairy the following words were written:  “Today my 3-year old son was sitting with me all day on the soda, and a crow appeared on the window.

My little boy asked me 17 times what it was. I answered him 17 times that it was a crow. Each time he would ask I would hug my little boy. I didn’t feel irritated at all. Instead, all I felt was love for my innocent, small kid.”

Although, his son asked “What is that” for 17 times, the father didn’t feel nervous or irritated to answer the same question. However, when the father asked this question today for 4 times, what he got in return was an angry response.

If you are lucky enough for your parents to live until old age, remember not to repulse them. Don’t see your old parents as a burden, instead see them as a gift.

Try to be humble, obedient, patient and grateful. Speak to them as you should to someone who spent their entire life to ensure you’ll become a great human being and have everything you need.

Remember, your parents took care of you since your first breath, they helped you when you would fall as a child, and they helped when you would fall as an adult. Yes, they are different kinds of falls, but what matters is who helped you stand up.

Say this to yourself any time you feel like your losing your patience:” I want to have happy parents. They showed selfless love to me since I was a kid.

My parents crossed all valleys, mountains, and oceans without paying attention to the heat and storm just to ensure that I am a good person today.”

No matter how you parents behave, try to be good and kind to them, cause they did the same thing for you their entire life.

There is no greater love than the one of a parent for their child. Bear in mind that when you are looking at your parents, you’re looking at the purest form of love you’ll ever know.