Why We Need To Respect Our Parents In Their Old Age — Heart Touching Story

This Story Will Melt Your Heart! Respect Your Old Parents!

One man at the age of 80 was in his house together with his son who was 45 and he was an educated man. The old father was sitting on the couch when a crow came to the window.

And, the old man asked his son a question: “What is this, son?” His son told him it was a crow. Only after several minutes, the father asked the same question. His son replied: “I have just told you, father. It’s a crow.”

Again, for the third time, the father asked the same question. And, now, there was irritation noticed in the tone of the son when he answered: “A crow. It is a crow.” But, the father asked “What is it?” for the fourth time.

And, now, the son yelled: “I have told you many times that it is a crow! Why do you ask me the same question over and over again? Are you unable to understand?”

After a while, the old man went to his room and took a diary in which there were written many things from his son’s birth. So, he asked his son to read the first page. And, here’s what was written there:

“I was sitting on the couch with my three-year-old son, and there was a crow on our window. My boy asked me “What is that?” for about twenty-three times, and I gave him an answer every time he asked. Also, I hugged him each time he asked me. It did not irritate me, but it made me feel affection for my innocent kid.”

Even though the father did not feel irritation when his son asked him the same question so many times, the son felt irritated from hearing the same question for only four times.

If you have old parents, make sure to speak to them kindly, and be kind, cool, obedient, and humble to them. You should see your parents happy because they have raised and showered you with unlimited love.

They have done so many things in order to raise you as a good human being. No matter how your parents behave, make sure to treat them nice. They deserve it because today you are what you are because of them.