How Many Steps a Day Can Help Us Lose Weight

Are you one of those who want to drop a few extra pounds, especially now when summer is approaching? Well, you’re not alone. A lot of people try to get a flat belly and the perfect beach body for an upcoming vacation.

There are numerous different diets which promise quick results, but unfortunately, not many are effective. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to lose weight and burn the excess fat without starving and spending money, but just changing a few habits?

Believe it or not, all you have to do is walk more. Walking can help you lose pounds without even being aware of it. Besides taking regular walks, you should also know how long it takes to get the desired results.

In other words, how many steps a day can help you shed the excess pounds?

Factors for Burning Calories While Walking

The number of calories you’ll burn while walking depends on the following factors:

  • Your body weight
  • The walking area

Here are the numbers in more details:

Walking with an average speed of 4 mph (miles per hour) for an hour will help you burn 400 calories. To be even more accurate, you should walk 2,000 steps (1 mile) if you like to burn 100 calories. Have in mind that you have to burn 3,500 calories to lose one pound.

In fact, losing one pound per week is the healthiest way to lose weight without having the yo-yo effect.

To achieve that, you should walk five miles a day which will help you burn 500 calories daily.

As you can see, losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. All it takes is to change a few habits. Here’s how to walk more.

Tips to Walk More on a Daily Basis

Here are several suggestions how to walk more:

  1. Always walk instead of taking a bus when possible. For example, walk to your workplace or your friend’s house if it’s not too far.
  2. Instead of driving your kids to school, try walking. In that way, you will lose weight while helping them get the necessary daily physical activity.
  3. Avoid elevators and use stairs
  4. Park your car a little further than your final destination so that you can walk at least for a few minutes.
  5. Avoid taking a bus or taxi to get to the station. Instead, walk!

How Much to Walk to Shed Pounds?

Start by walking 15-20 minutes a day, for about three days, to adjust to the new routine. Then, once you feel ready, increase the time to half an hour and even up to an hour of walking a day.

However, do this gradually to avoid any problems. Soon, you’ll become used to this new routine and you’ll start noticing you’re losing pounds quicker than you can imagine.

Don’t forget to walk every day whenever possible, and the numbers on the scale will gradually decrease.

Other Benefits of Regular Walking

Besides trimming your waistline, walking on a daily basis will help you:

  • maintain an optimal weight
  • improve your mood
  • strengthen your muscles and bones
  • prevent or manage different health conditions, like high blood pressure, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes
  • improve coordination and balance

As you can see, walking is extremely beneficial not only to your weight but also to your health. That’s why we strongly recommend it to anyone.

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