12 Signs Indicating You Have Met A Person From Your Soul Group

There are people who you meet for the first time and you feel like you have known them forever. These people know what you are going to say about something even before you say it. They are known as our “soul group,” or “soul family.”

With people who belong to the “soul group,” or the “soul family” you are deeply connected and you share a special bond. Most people describe this bond as sharing the same “vibe” or “frequency.”

This connection is much more than sharing the same hobbies, opinions, and tastes. The Soul Group connections include numerous different types such as soulmates, twin flames, soul friends, and kindred spirits. But, they are all the same thing.

Soul connection occurs when two people who have the same vibe and frequency overlap and share their thoughts, dreams, values, and feelings. You may both come from different places and cultures, but you can share a strong and ancient connection.

Why There Are Soul Groups?

Meeting a member of your Soul Group (SG) is probably the best social experience. This person can last just several hours while being on a flight together, or it may end after sixty years of friendship.

Each member of your group will come into your life in order to teach you a lesson. But, sometimes, meeting a person from your SG may feel like hell to you, especially if that person has a negative mindset.

However, meeting a person from the SG can feel like you are in heaven as well. But, what is the reason behind having SG?

Speaking in a metaphysical way, the Spirit produces SG. Actually, we are all Spirit divided into many SG. And, our purpose is to help each other.

According to many traditions, everything we face in life is chosen before our birth. The people we have in our lives are chosen in order to help us learn the numerous life lessons.

From a historical point of view, there are many SG that worked together and made a big social change.

The Creative Renaissance is an example, people like Michelangelo, Machiavelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo, William Shakespeare, Martin Luther, Thomas More, Raphael, and Copernicus communicated in different ways and made a revolution.

When you find your own SG, you will experience big changes in your life.

Signs You Have Met a Person from Your Soul Group

In this article, we offer you twelve signs to tell you if you have met a person from your SG.

1. Deep and Engaging Eye Contact

When making eye contact with people from your SG, you are not feeling afraid or awkward. There is something familiar, ancient, and comforting when you look into each other’s eyes. It feels like you are sharing a deep truth.

2. Soul-Centric

People who belong to your SG are not interested in status, glory, fame, and money. They are not ego-centric, but they are more spiritually mature. For instance, they may show interest in yoga, conscious living, meditation, healthy eating, and so on.

3. You Will Be Drawn to Them

When a member of your SG appears in your life, you will be drawn to them and their energy. It does not matter if you lose touch, you will find each other over and over again.

4. Speak the Same Language

Both of you share similar insights and thoughts, and you are on the same page when it comes to emotions. You may even repeat each other’s thoughts just like you are mirroring each other’s minds.

5. Feeling Like You Know Them Since Forever

When you meet this person, you will feel a sense of recognition. This person will understand you like no one before.

6. Energy

When you and your person from SG are together, you will feel very energetic.

7. They Come When You Need Them

This person will appear in your life the moment when you are ready for a change.

8. Time Flies

Since you enjoy talking with this person, hours of talking will feel like minutes.

9. Reflection of Your Best Qualities

The person from your SG reflects your best qualities. But, that is not all. They will challenge you to embrace your biggest flaws. Sometimes, they will be brutally honest with you and will create difficult situations for you to learn from.

10. Life Experiences

You and your Soul Family will share similar life experiences such as isolation, abandonment, and other experiences. You will grow together and support each other.

11. Nourishment

When you are in this person’s presence, your soul will be nourished, and you will feel loved, understood, and uplifted.

12. Be Your True Self

Being around your SG does not mean that you will have to hide and pretend to be someone you are not. They will celebrate your real personality.

It does not matter if you meet only one person or the entire group from your SG. What matters is meeting people who share your mission and purpose.