School District Votes to Bring Back Paddling for Disobedient Students. Do You Support This?

On Tuesday this January one school district in Texas has returned the corporal punishment. Now, the misbehaving students in the class will get paddled until they improve their grades.

There isn’t enough evidence that claims corporal punishment helps. But, the board of trustees from the Three Rivers Independent School in South Texas believe that it can help keep the children in order.

As a result, the board of trustees has agreed to give paddles to their teachers to use them as corporal punishment against the children who misbehave.

Furthermore, it seems that the teachers really need the paddles to control their students. The district says that something must be done to improve the district’s constant failing test scores and terrible student’s behavior.

Paddling at School

Even though many parents believe that an aggressive disciplinary action at school can be helpful, there are some who are absolutely against it.

They simply can’t imagine letting a teacher hit their child. As a result, the board asked the parents to submit both verbal and written assent to know who would want their child to be punished like that at school.

Many parents did sign up. If the parents approve of this new disciplinary measure, the misbehaving students will receive one paddling at school for their actions. However, it is important to point out that the school is not forcing the parents to agree to paddle.

In fact, they give them an opportunity to decide. According to the school district’s superintendent Mary Springs if the parents don’t want their child to receive paddling, then that is the end of it. The school will not force paddling on every child.

Better Than Suspension or Detention?

If a child breaks the rules now, they will receive a paddling. According to the campus behavior coordinator, Andrew Amaro, bringing back paddling will be extremely exciting. He claims that while he grew up, paddling seemed to have an amazing effect.

In fact, he strongly believes that paddling worked better than suspension or detention. As a result, he says it works, even if people don’t believe it does. He stated that whenever he had done something disrespectful, he knew the principal would punish him for it.

Corporal Punishment Opposition

There is a different problem. Some people believe that children of color will more likely receive more paddling due to discrimination. In other words, teachers will have absolute power over their children.

Which means they can do whatever ‘’might seem’’ right for them.

Therefore, John B. King the secretary of Education wrote a letter asking the states to completely ban corporal punishment. However, 22 states already allowed it to exist in their schools.

Since racism is extremely common, it is no wonder why children of color receive far more punishment in public schools, said King. In fact, children of color are always the ones who will be subjugated to corporal punishment, more than the rest of the students.

What do you think? Should or shouldn’t paddling be allowed? Let us know your thoughts about this situation and leave us a comment.