The Ring That Lets Us Feel Our Partner’s Heartbeat Anywhere In The World, In Real Time

Tap This Ring and Feel the Heartbeat of Your Loved One No Matter the Distance

Nowadays technology and its advancement have given people many precedented ways of communicating with each other no matter the distance. But there is nothing that compares to sitting next to your significant other.

Well, nothing till recently. Those who are in a long distance relationship or have been in such relationship, know the struggle.

Furthermore, those who have been or are in such relationship are very well aware of the fact that this is one of the hardest decision, step, and thing to do when it comes to relationships and life.

It is like that cause having someone in long-distance relationship impact your entire life not only your relationship.

The Jewelry That Connects You With Your Loved One

Thanks to technology such relationships can be easier since there are new special rings on the market.

These rings and the app were made so you can feel and pair the beating of the heart of your loved one whether you are next to each other on you are on different continents.

These so-called “HB Rings” are made by the company TheTouch. What these rings do is that they let you feel the heartbeat of your loved one in real time.

As you probably know there are many benefits from physical contact on a daily basis. Everyone wants to connect and feel with their loved ones, but if they are far away, this is not possible.

You can see the GIF below that these rings are actually very easy to use.

More About the Rings

You should know that these rings are not only for those who are romantically involved. You can use these rings in order to ensure and check if another individual is alive.

These rings can be useful for individuals who have dangerous professions like the police, military, etc.

They are useful for people whose lives are in danger on a daily basis because in that way their close ones will worry less without disturbing these people while at work. By feeling their heartbeat, they will know that they are alive and safe.

How Can You Use Them

Both the stainless steel and rose gold rings have a Unibody sapphire crystal surface, meaning that you cannot scratch them. As a matter of fact, these rings are made with materials of highest quality.

All you need to do is sync them with a smartphone application.

Next, you need to tap your ring when you have Wi-Fi or data to connect to the ring the other person is wearing.

Tap your ring, and you will feel the heartbeat of your loved ones no matter the kilometers or no matter where they are in the world.

Remember, distance means nothing when someone means so much.