Researchers Claim Everything Is Energy and Reality Is Not What It Seems

Have you ever wondered what are we made of? What makes up our physical world? Well, according to this particular discovery in quantum physics, nothing is what it seems. In fact, the world around us, all the living beings, and life itself is made of pure energy.

Until now, we believed that everything that exists in the physical world has a core.

In this core, a small material particle exists that blocks and creates our reality. To better understand this, physicists examined these blocks shapes in the world that we currently live in – the physical world.

That is why they conducted many experiments. With every new advancement in the field of quantum physics, physicists at HeartMath Institute managed to get more and more information.

They found out that there is an energy network at the very core of all life. This pure energy intervenes and blocks our physical reality. Or, in a way, constructs it. In fact, this study shows that all the blocks are in fact pure energy. (source)

The results show that every physical object or body that exists contains pure energy that is rich in precious information. Astonishingly, researchers stated that the electrons could function as both waves and particles at the same time.

This allows the sub-atomic particles to act differently if the circumstances are optimal.

But, for these particles to behave, interaction and observation are necessary. Under supervision, these particular particles act as physical units. But, if left unsupervised, they behave like waves.

The Form of Consciousness

The results of this study inspired physicist to come up with a new theory. They believe that there is a form of consciousness that holds the world together. This consciousness allows the world to exist.

They pointed out that this consciousness is ‘’Logos’’, ‘’God’’ or ‘’the collective consciousness’’. In other words, this theory claims that there is a higher power that holds our planet together and allows us to exist.

So, the tremendous amount of energy that shapes our reality can easily reshape our world depending on the power of the consciousness that holds it all together.

The Source of Mutual Reality

Scientists claim that everything is connected. This connection is known as “quantum entanglement.” Once the particles interact they connect, scientists claim. So, no matter how far apart these particles may be, they will still stay ‘’entangled’’ and affect one another.

The Big Bang theory states that all living beings are made up of the exact same elements. Even our essence has these elements.

In fact, the world around us, all living beings, and life itself is connected. Scientists claim that everything that exists, and everything that we are, exists because of the consciousness we possess. This consciousness creates the world around us.

So, maybe, time and space are not the only things that give the dimensions of reality. Maybe this higher power or consciousness is what creates mater and time. What if this consciousness brings all life into existence?

Or better yet, maybe this consciousness is an untouchable form of everlasting and forever-shifting energy. Well, probably we will never understand our complicated existence. For now, only time will tell.