4 Reasons Why Being Scared of Her Means She’s the Love of Your Life

4 Reasons Why Being Scared of Her Means She’s the Love of Your Life

Most couples which last forever are the ones where the woman scares the man in a harmless and good way.

Being scared doesn’t necessarily mean that one partner is weak, and the other is strong. Being scared can be healthy and good.

How is this possible? Well, if your partner scares you, she is the love of your life. Confused? Read on, to find out more.

4 Reasons Why She’s the Love of Your Life

1. You Can’t Stand It When You Argue

You just don’t want to get into fights which upset you and your partner. Those conflicts usually result in you not talking to each other.

And that for you is wasted time. You can’t stand it if you aren’t talking. You would instead let her apologize, or you would apologize just to make up. Why spend the day along and angry, when you can snuggle up and watch a movie together?

2. Her Support Is Everything to You

When you are working on a big project, her agreement and support only adds to the drive and excitement to the whole thing. She can encourage you like no one else. If she doesn’t agree with something, you consider all things.

You want her to be happy and comfortable with every decision you make, and her word and opinion mean a lot to you, cause you know she can’t do you any harm. Moreover, if you choose her happiness over material things, she’s the one.

3. Her Happiness Means the World to You

If you always try to make her happy, that means that you are undoubtedly aware that you are in love with her and she is the love of your life.

You want to see her happy, you value her and respect her. You feel responsible for making your woman happy. And that makes you a catch and a great man.

4. The Scariest Thing Is Losing Her

You don’t want to hurt her, you are not afraid of her reaction, but of the fact, she might cry and get hurt. It is not that you’re scared of seeing her angry, but you’re afraid of her silence.

You want your partner to scream but at the end of the day stay in your life. You love her for the way she is putting up with you. All you want is to see her happy, since losing her is a scary, dark thought.

If seeing her unhappy scares you, know that she’s the one to spend your life with.

What About Her

If you can relate to all the things above mentioned there is one thing sure she truly loves you back. A man who can deal with such criticism and stick to a woman while trying to make her happy is a man every girl would die to have.

She is head over heels for you. You are her man and her rock. And, oh, isn’t that just incredible? To have someone forever, and forever sounds perfect. So, what do you think, is she the one?