The Reason Why Our Dog Follows Us to the Bathroom

Surprising Reason Why Your Dog Follows You to the Bathroom!

Having a loyal furry friend in the household surely ensures a fantastic amount of love from the dog to the owner and vice versa, in a real man’s best friend way.

Understanding your dog might be easy, and it isn’t difficult to understand your dog wants to give you kisses and love.

However, pups might also behave more subtly.

You have to admit that our best friends have many strange behaviors such as licking everything and anything, freaking out at the sound of vacuum(even though your furry friend saw the vacuum a million times), etc.

The bad news is that not everyone is good at talking to our pets as Dr.Doolittle. But the good news is that below you will see 12 signs your pup makes and what is your best friend trying to tell you.

1. Licking Your Face or Body

Some people love this, others find it gross, but the reality is that all dogs want to do that to their owners once a while.

You should know that this is a submissive behavior and it is good for your dog since it helps them ease stress. Last but not least is a sign of love.

2. Cuddling After Having Dinner

It is not a good idea to interrupt your dog while they are having their meal since often dogs are keen when it comes to their food. However, cuddling with you after their dinner shows that they are really comfortable around you.

3. Following You Around Even In the Bathroom

As a part of your family pack, your best friend needs to be with you all the time. Your pup might feel vulnerable when you aren’t around. So, a dog which follows your every single step isn’t always best, but you must admit that it is adorable.

Vets say that this kind of following behavior happens since it is the instinct of the dog always to do things with their family, that is you.

Isn’t that lovely? So, you should bear in mind that furry friends are communal animals which run in packs. Therefore, they are used to doing things in groups.

Their instincts take them to times of defending their territory and hunting, where all is done in a group. So for a “vulnerable” moment such as going to the bathroom, what your dog wants to do is protect you.

Also, another reason why your dog might follow you is that they are curious.

Why are you doing in that secret room? Why do you need to close the door, what are you doing in there?

Remember one thing, to your dog the bathroom is part of their territory that is the whole house. For your dog, to not be allowed to patrol their territory is stressful.

Also, one more reason why your dog comes with you in the bathroom is since they missed you. Maybe you just came back from the store, or you were gone at work the whole day, either way for your dog it has been too long.

You are the whole world to your dog. Therefore when you are at home, they want to be around you as much as possible, this also includes your time in the bathroom.

4. Going Wild When You Come Home

Same as in the films, the second a pup hears you coming home chaos occurs, and they are overly happy to see you. You should know that their enthusiastic response is their way of showing you their love.

It is true when they say that happiness begins with a wet nose and ends with a tail.

5. Crawling in Your Bed

Does your loyal friend join you in your bed? Bear in mind, that they do not sit there because the bed is comfortable, but because that is how they keep you close when you are at work.

6. Leaning Against You

In case your dog is leaning against you, this might mean that she or he is looking for some hugs and love from you. Our furry friends love to have attention directed at them.

7. Giving You Small Gifts

Does your dog give you small gifts now and then when you are not playing fetch? Your dog does this since he or she wants to share their joy with you.

8. Trying to Get Opinion on Something

In case you had the feeling that your best friend was looking for your opinion or approval for something, breathe, since you are not crazy. Pups do this often since they value and appreciate your opinion.

A small amount of affection and love can certainly go a long way.

9. Blinking and Squinting Eyes

When your pet is playing a lot with his eyes, it is looking for attention. It means that they are ready to play and spend quality time with you.

10. Raising One Paw

Usually, raising one or maybe two paws implies that your best friend is ready to play or that is hungry. Or they also do this when they see something interesting.

11. They Know When Something Is Wrong

The truth is that dogs don’t need to talk with you in order to know that something is wrong or that you are sad. Dogs can easily read body language, and they use their senses to the fullest in order to detect in case something is wrong.

The great thing about dogs is that they are willing to solace you. Yes, the truth is that the best therapist has fur and four legs.

12. Puppy-Dog Eyes

The classic of dogs is their puppy eyes. Often, this is imitated by children when they want something. However, dogs use this to enforce trust between both of you and to show love.

One thing is certain; a dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

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