Extremely Rare Pink Dolphin Is Captured On Camera Swimming In A Louisiana Lake

Extremely Rare Pink Dolphin Is Captured On Camera Swimming In A Louisiana Lake

In the world, numerous amazing animals catch your eye. But, there are some that are very special and unique and make you fall in love with them as soon as you lay eyes on them. You cannot even imagine how many fascinating animals there are in the world.

You would think that you are in some movie and they are just computer adaptations. The bottlenose dolphin noticed in the waters of Lake Calcasieu in Louisiana is an example.

Actually, seeing a dolphin in a lake is really strange, but seeing a pink dolphin was even more strange. Yes, the dolphin was colored pink. Incredible, right?

The pretty dolphin was given a name, ‘Pinkie,’ and everyone in the area loved her. People were noticed taking photos whenever they saw her.

Also, scientists got really interested in Pinkie because of her unique pink color. There is a theory that this dolphin is albino with bright pink colored skin.

Furthermore, albinism is a lack of pigment that can affect every animal. But, the problem is that animals that have albinism cannot hide well, so they are in danger. An albino orca was noticed in the North Pacific.

Below, you can see photos from the beautiful Pinkie. She will put a smile on your face.

Even though it is a lake, the water is salty, so it is a good environment for Pinkie.

This amazing dolphin was first noticed back in 2007. Even though she is believed to be albino, a charter boat captain, Erik Rue says that she is completely healthy, she does everything that the other dolphins do.

People go on boat tours just to see the local celebrity which is really friendly as well as curious. She even gets about five feet of the boat to see the people that are there for her.

Since albino animals are not able to hide or hunt no matter how astonishing they seem, it is really concerning if they are going to do fine. So, seeing Pinkie doing well is a blessing.

Anyway, the dolphin has other things to worry now. She may be having little dolphins soon. She was noticed with a male, and although it is not confirmed that she is pregnant, a baby may be on the way. Imagine a new baby pink dolphin!

But, the pink color does not mean that the dolphin is albino. In fact, in South America, and in Asia there is a river dolphin that is naturally pink. Also, bottlenose dolphins have bellies colored pinkish.

Usually, bottlenose dolphins are gray, but this one, Pinkie, is an exception. The boat captain says that it is really amazing to know that creatures like Pinkie exist in the world.

Rue plans to gather the photos of Pinkie in a book, so everyone in the world would be able to see her beauty. Isn’t she adorable? She is a depiction of real natural beauty. Even the news anchors find Pinkie charming.

What do you think about Pinkie? You must love her! She is definitely a creature that steals your heart.

Image sources: Imgur, Twitter, Time Out Hong Kong, Wikimedia Commons