Want To Raise Successful Daughters? Science Says Nag The Heck Out Of Them

This is a story that will free from accusations parents from all over the world. According to researchers from the UK, two factors that determine whether girls will be successful are their high expectations of their daughters and constant reminders of them.

A university press says that pushy mothers are more likely to have successful daughters. Actually, behind successful girls are nagging mothers.

More Nagging

Furthermore, the researchers from the University of Essex revealed that girls whose mothers have high expectations have lower chances of failing in life. (source) More precisely, these girls were less likely to:

  • Become pregnant during their teenage years
  • To get stuck in low-wage jobs
  • To be unemployed for a long time
  • And, they are more likely to go to college

A Ph.D. candidate E. G. Racon-Ramirez led the researchers to study more than 15,000 girls from Britain at the age of thirteen and fourteen over a period of ten years.

Avoiding the problems does not mean that the girls will be Sara Blakeley, Sheryl Sandberg, and Katie Ledecky of their time. However, it means that they will have higher chances being successful in future.

In fact, you are a successful parent when your kids’ success is a result of their work ethic and desire, not yours.

If They Role Eyes, It Is Successful

Some readers of this article would say this is a good study. For those who have not been parents tasked with nagging a daughter at the age of 13-14, you should know that there is a lot of sullenness, eye rolls, as well as door slams. Not fun.

However, parents may find comfort in the idea that the more annoying you are, the more it may be working. According to Rascon-Ramirez, many times we have succeeded in doing the things we wanted, even when our parents did not agree.

No matter how much we attempted to avoid the recommendations of our parents, in some way they are influencing the choices we make. To put it in other words, if your daughter rolls her eyes and says that you are annoying, she means “thank you for the advice; I will try to act accordingly.”

Moreover, your daughter is more likely not to get pregnant by the age of twenty if you tell her that she should not get pregnant while she is a teenager. On the other hand, she may get pregnant if you tell her that she should have a baby when she is ready.

Even when you are in your 40s, you may hear your parents or grandparents’ words as a caution when you are about to do something you should not. This study may hold value for boys as well.

So, for many of our successes, we should thank our parents for their constant nagging and high expectations. If you are having a daughter, nagging her all the time may not be such a bad idea after all. It may be hard for her while she is a teenager, but she may thank you one day.

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