26 Amazing Psychology Facts That Can Help You Understand People Better

It is always fun to learn something new about yourself. Once you understand yourself, you will understand the psychology behind your behavior, the way you treat others, and the way you express yourself.

Eventually, you will become a better person who will be more open and accepting. That is why we decided to make a list of the most interesting psychology facts that might help you understand yourself better and the people around you.

1. The friendships you made when you were between the age of 16 and 28 are most likely to be the most long-lasting and robust friendships you will ever have.

2. Women prefer men with deep voices because they appear more confident. A deep voice doesn’t represent aggressiveness.

3. The ones who can give you the best advice are the people who are usually those that are dealing with a ton of problems.

4. The smarter you are, the sloppier your handwriting is.

5. Our emotions do not have an effect on the way we communicate. But, the way we communicate has an effect on our mood.

6. The way you treat restaurant staff can reveal a lot about your character.

7. The ones who have a powerful sense of guilt can better understand other people’s feelings and thoughts.

8. Men are not more humorous than women. They simply make more jokes and don’t care if people like them or not.

9. When someone who is shy talks about themselves, they make other people feel as if they know them perfectly. The way they talks makes them look extremely open.

10. Women have a much higher tolerance for pain than men, even though they have twice as many pain receptors.

11. Listening to high-frequency could make you more relaxed, calm, and happy.

12. If you can’t calm your mind at night, write down the thoughts that keep you awake. This way, you will set your mind at ease so that you will fall asleep easier.

13. Good night and good morning text messages activate the part of your brain that is in charge of happiness.

14. If you do scary things, you will be happier.

15. The average time a woman can keep a secret is 47h and 15min.

16. People who do everything to make others feel happy, end up feeling the saddest and loneliest.

17. The happier we are, the less sleep we will need.

18. The more you hold your partner’s hand, the less pain you will feel and you will worry less.

19. Smart people have less friends. They are incredibly selective.

20. If you marry your best friend, you are less likely to divorce. In fact, the risk of divorce decreases by 70%. This kind of marriage is likely to last for a lifetime.

21. Women with the  most male friends are often in a good mood.

22. Bilingual people might unconsciously change their personalities the moment they switch from one language to another.

23. Being alone is as bad as smoking fifteen cigarettes per day.

24. Traveling decreases a person’s chance of developing depression and heart problems. Plus, it improves their brain health.

25. If you want to look more attractive, talk about the things you are really interested in.

26. When two people talk, and one of them turns their foot outward, this means that that person wants to leave or is strongly disagreeing with what the other person is saying.

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