One Photographer Dedicated Years of His Life to Take These Photos of Endangered Animals

One Photographer Dedicated Years of His Life to Take These Photos of Endangered Animals

When you think about endangered species, you are probably thinking of the polar bear or tiger. But, what if we told you there are more endangered species you probably never heard of? Like, the white-bellied pangolin or saiga.

Unfortunately, there are exactly 41,415 species on the red list around the world, with 16,306 of them being threatened with extinction.

That is why Tim Flach, a British photographer decided to embark on a mission to capture as many photos as he possibly could of these breathtaking endangered species.

The results of his mission are definitely heartbreaking and stunning.

Tim spent 2 years tracking all these gorgeous species to create these masterpieces he named Endangered.

These photos give us a rare glimpse into the threatened lives of these gorgeous creatures. But, most importantly, these photos should serve as a reminder that we have to respect what Mother Nature has given us and all its creatures – life.

Remember, all life is special. But, before we even know it, these wonderful and unique animals may no longer exist with us on this planet.

1. Philippine Eagle

These species have become endangered since 2015. Now, there are 600 of them left. This eagle is the national bird of the Philippines.

2. Iberian Lynx

With all the efforts people did to save the Iberian Lynx from extinction, they somewhat succeeded. Since the start of the century, the conservation efforts seemed to have worked.

Now, from 100, there are 326 of these cats alive in the wild.

3. Ring-Tailed Lemur

Sadly, as of 2017, there are 2,000 of these lemurs alive in the wilderness. All that hunting, poaching and loss of habitat brought them to the brink of extinction. Hopefully, their numbers will increase in the next years.

4. Red Panda

Such adorable animals, sadly only 10,000 of them are left. Moreover, their population keeps diminishing every ear. Also, reliable numbers are hard to come by because of their secretive nature.

5. Fireflies

These breathtaking creatures have been dying for a long time. Due to pesticides and heavy habitat loss, their population has completely diminished in some areas.

6. Saiga

This animal is the world’s most critically endangered species. Countless of them died in 2010. In fact, 12,000 of these gorgeous animals died out of nowhere in Kazakhstan.

7. Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

This fabulous looking monkey lives in the Southwestern parts of China. Sadly, its population consists of 8,000 to 15,000 individuals. Frightening, but true.

8. Shoebill

This intimidating creature lives in Eastern Africa. Right now, there are around 5,000 to 8,000 of them left.

9. Western Lowland Gorillas

Once, the most widespread gorillas that lived in the wilderness, are now constantly being threatened by heartless hunters and unstoppable habitat destruction. Unfortunately, there are only 100,000 of these gorillas left.

10. Proboscis Monkey

Shockingly 50% of these big-nosed monkeys have died in the last 40 years from logging, plantations, and habitat loss.

11. Indian Gharial

The main cause of extinction is a loss of habitat and depletion of fish. Now, their population is less than 235.

12. Marine Iguana

The most constant threat of these species is habitat destruction from tourism. The good thing is that there are still 200,000-300,000 of them left. Hopefully, their numbers will keep increasing.

13. White-Bellied Pangolin

These poor creatures are constantly exploited and hunted by poachers. People use them in traditional medicine and food. Unfortunately, no one knows how many of them are left.

14. Olm Salamander

These adorable tiny creatures live in caves of the Denali Alps. Moreover, they are born blind and live the rest of their lives without developing any eyes.

As a result, they are incredibly vulnerable to climate change, which is why they have been an endangered species since 1982.

15. Beluga Sturgeon

These creatures can live up to 100 years. But, their caviar can rich up to $10,000 per kilo, which is why hunters are constantly killing them.

16. Hooded Vulture

Another creature that is also on the brink of extinction.

17. Northern White Rhinoceros

These animals have been hunted for ages. As a result, they are now almost extinct. As a matter of fact, there are only three of them left at the OI Pejeta Conservancy in captivity. However, only 1 of them is male and the rest 2 are female.

18. Egyptian Vulture

These endangered vultures have seen a 35% decline in their population since 1999.

19. Kaiser’s Newt

Because of illegal trade and habitat loss, there are now only 9,000 of them left.

20. Hippopotamus

There are now from 125,000 to 150,000 of them left, which is why the hippopotamus is considered a vulnerable species.

21. Giant Panda

Their population is slowly increasing. But, it is still low – from 1,864 to 1,596.

22. Pied Tamarin

These animals are native to Brazil, but since the city Manus continues to expand, it completely destroys its territory. As a result, these animals are dying out. No one knows exactly how many of them are left. But, in captivity, there are around 170 tamarins.

23. Sea Angels

These fairy-like creatures are on the brink of extinction due to the constant climate changes. They live in cold oceans under the ice.

24. Polar Bear

These animals are extremely difficult to tract. But, biologists believe that there are 25,000 of them left.

25. African Elephant

Due to endless poaching, more than 144,000 elephants have died in a decade. Right now, there are around 352,000 of them left.

26. Cheetah

Their population is around 9,000 or 12,000. In Iran, 200 cheetahs live in isolated locations.

27. Red Crown Crane

There are only 1,700 to 2000 of these cranes left.

28. European Honey Bee

Extinction of the honey bees can prove devastating for the entire planet. Good thing in 2017, the Department of Agriculture in the U.S announced that their population increased by 3%.

29. Military Macaw

Deforestation is the main reason for these birds’ population. Now, there are less than 10,000 of them alive.

30. Arabian Oryx

These animals are a rare sight.

The only thing we can do for now is hope and help increase the population of all these beings who are on the brink of extinction.

Source: Animal Channel | Tim Flach Photographer