These Photographs Are A Proof That Chickens Can Be Astonishing!

These Photographs Are A Proof That Chickens Can Be Astonishing!

For those who think that chickens cannot look beautiful, this article is a proof that they can be. Most of them are white or brown. Nonetheless, Matteo Tranchellini and Moreno Monti are two photographers who photographed some of the most good looking chickens.

Their series of photos is named Chicken. The chickens are from all over the world, and they are a proof that there are different types of chickens just as other types of birds. Some of the chickens have long legs, some are colorful, and some are just amazing.

Here are only sixteen photographs of the fascinating chickens in this photo project, but you can check out all of the photos on Instagram, just search “Chic!ken.”

Yes, even farm birds can be models in front of the camera. So, check out the spending chickens below.

On this photo, you can see Agnes. She is a silkie and she is fluffy. She is popular because of her soft feathers.

On this photo, you can see this good-looking rooster with a great red crown as well as flowing tail which reminds of a regal cape. He is really photogenic.

Here you can see modern game fowls, but they were not bred for fighting, yet, they know how to use their long legs.

On this photo you see Sylvia. She is a black Polish chicken with interesting hair. She has amazing crests, but her origin is not known.

This is a photo of this excellent rooster. Isn’t he astonishing?

Look at this rooster’s drumsticks. He is a beast!

On this photo, you see a beautiful chicken that seems like she is wearing a coat, but it is just her feathers. Also, she hides her face from the camera.

This specimen is called Amelia, and she is a proof that chickens have splendid designs in their feathers.

Here you see a Sumatra chicken that was bred for cockfighting, but she is used for exhibition. She reminds of a peacock because of her long tail feathers and color.

This one is known as Chabo, and he is a Japanese bantam chicken. His red comb is amazing.

When you see this chicken, you think she is prepared for a fight. Let’s hope that she is calm because she seems really strong.

On this photo, you see a handsome rooster. His red comb stands out because of his black and white feathers.

Here is a fluffy chicken. She has nice white feathers that seem endless. Perfect for the red carpet, right?

Meet Joanna. She has white and brown coloring, and it seems like she is wearing an aviator jacket.

As you can see, this rooster is ready to be a model. His name is Jacob.

This is Martha. She has a funny appearance, and her breed is popular as frizzle bantam. Her casual look is really trendy.

Aren’t these chickens really astonishing? If you are an artist, their feathers and their amazing design and unique coloring can serve as an inspiration to you. Simply breathtaking.

Source: Providr | Image Source: Chic!ken