Neuroscience Learns What Buddhism Has Known for Ages: There Is No Constant Self

Buddhism is dharma or religion which encompasses different spiritual practices, traditions, and beliefs which are mostly based on original teachings. These teachings are attributed to the Buddha and interpreted philosophies. Buddhism has an origin in Ancient India between the sixth and fourth centuries BCE. And from there it spreads through Asia, and it declines in […]

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The Secret To Your Most Attractive Look

The First Impression Is Important, Make Sure To Leave A Great One

Today, we meet people online, and many of us have found the love of our lives on social networks. When we meet someone online, and we spend some time chatting, the next thing to do is meet them in person. So, when we finally sit down in front of the person, we are very excited […]

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Here’s How To Grow Your Own Lemon Tree At Home

How to Grow Lemon Tree in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Lemons are a must have food for all people. People use lemons in small quantities, and they mix them with spices and herbs. When consumed alone, lemons have intense sour flavor. Lemons are known to give flavor to many desserts, sauces, drinks, salad dressings, and marinades. Last but not least they are an excellent source […]

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Swallow This to Fall Asleep Faster

3-Ingredient Remedy That Will Help You Fall Asleep Faster

Many people worldwide experience sleeping issues on a regular basis. The most common issue is insomnia. Insomnia isn’t rare; in fact, it impacts millions of people around the world and those who have it experience problems due to this in their everyday life. It is like that because sleeping is essential for all people, without […]

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12 Reasons Why Sweet Potatoes Are Good For Diabetes Patients!

12 Reasons Why You Should Eat Sweet Potatoes, Especially Good For Diabetes Patients

Have you tried sweet potatoes? They are like the usual type of potatoes we all know and which is used in fast food industries especially. There is a difference between them in their taste, family, appearance, and sweetness. Actually, sweet potatoes have different colors. The most common crops of this type of potatoes are those […]

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