Never Lie To A Smart Woman

This Man Learned The Hard Way That He Should Never Lie To A Smart Woman

Women. A single word that describes so much. It describes powerful and highly sharp-minded human being who possess a strong intuition. And, men cannot understand them, so they should never try lying to a woman because she will reveal the truth.

There is a man who had to learn this the hard way. So, here is the story every man should read.

A husband and wife were talking on the phone. The husband said: “Darling, my boss asked me to accompany him to China. We are going to fishing. It is a great opportunity, and maybe I’ll get the promotion.”

The husband all happy and enthusiastic continued: “Can you please pack me some clothes that will be enough for one week? Also, include my rod and fishing box. We are leaving right after work, so I will just come home to pick up my bag. And, please, pack my blue silk pajamas.”

That was strange. His spouse noticed that something was not right. Her husband apparently came up with a stupid excuse to spend one week away from home. Nonetheless, she wanted to be a good wife, and she packed his bag.

One week has passed and her spouse was home. He looked exhausted, but he informed his spouse that going to the fishing part was a really good thing.

The wife got interested, and she wanted to know what happened in details. So, she asked many questions. She asked about the weekend, his boss, his colleagues, the fishing etc.

The husband said: “Everything was great, a lot of fish: salmon, swordfish, bluegill… Anyway, why I could not find my pajamas? You were supposed to pack them too.”

And, as a big surprise to the husband, the woman answered: “Well, I did pack your pajamas. You can find them in your fishing box.”

As you can see, men, women are really smart, so you cannot lie to them. Think twice before you tell a lie, so you would not end up like the husband in this story.