If You Love Her, Don’t Destroy Her

When you love a woman, you are with her. You would not be with someone if you did not have feelings for them. However, we are humans, and our emotions change, so sometimes, we may love a person in every possible wrong way.

If you are with a woman you love, and if you treat her in a wrong way, then, your happy and healthy relationship may transform into something you would not want to be in.

Anyway, you need to love her in the right way; you need to show her your love.

When you keep your woman aware of your love, your relationship is stronger and keeps living. Just remember that first time when you saw your woman. That moment when your eyes met hers for the very first time is really special.

You knew that she was a realization of every fantasy you have ever had. This woman has something that you have not seen in anyone else. She is wild, funny, and beautiful. She was perfect for you.

Loving her should be a reason good enough for you to keep her as she is. Even though this woman is the one who controls her life, you should know that you mean a lot to her. The way you treat her is the way she sees herself.

So, it is in your hands if she is going to see herself shining, or she is going to feel lost. This woman is like a statue that needs to be held with carefulness.

Please, if you feel true love for her, do not hurt her. Before she met you, she was hurt, and she is not looking for another broken heart. Being with you and having her heart broken means that she was strong enough to overcome her fears.

She has decided to forget about her past, to overcome her insecurities, and to trust in love once again only to be with you. This woman decided to give you her heart which means she believes you are a good person.

You should not disappoint her. This woman is not just a book with an ending. You cannot know her completely. You should live every day with this woman by trying to get to know her. She is yet to be discovered.

Being absent is going to break her. You should not allow yourself to be emotionally absent, be there for her. It does not mean that you should just sit there with her and think of something else.

Sometimes even when you are not with her in the same room, even when you are miles away you can be present. You have the power to stimulate her being, emotions, and thoughts. Loving her is what she needs.

She does not need you to need her. You will totally hurt your woman if you want to be with her only when you feel lonely. This woman needs your love each and every moment of your life, not just when you feel afraid and insecure.

Maybe you have had your heart broken in the past, but you should not let her suffer because of your issues. You should not be with her only because you want her to heal your wounds. You may not even notice, but she will fix each part of you.

However, if you are with her just to use her, you will hurt her a lot. Also, this woman does not want you to heal her wounds. She did not open up to you and told you everything that has ever happened to her in order to make you fix her.

She told you her story to let you know what made her that way. This brave woman wants you to know that your love, patience, and understanding are important. You should not treat this woman as she was a broken doll.

Accept her as she is will her wounds, but do not hurt anymore. You should show her that every bad relationship she has ever had happened for a reason. She went through so many bad things only to know how to appreciate your love.

Loving her in the right way means loving her every flaw and insecurity. You are both imperfect, and you should share your imperfections. This woman wants to be her real self in front of you; she does not want to be someone else.

Accept her because if you are not ready to accepting everything she is, you will hurt her. You should know that everything you do for her, she will double it.

She will give you the whole galaxy if you give her only a star. She will give you the ocean if you give her a cup of water. She will give you huge love if you love her back. This woman will never forget your true love.