Just Because You’ve Married a Woman, You Don’t Own Her

Men sometimes have strange ideas about what marriage represents. There are those who believe that just because they’ve married a woman, she’s their property now.

They feel like they can do whatever they want and say whatever they want to their wife and that it’s going to be OK because she’s their wife.

But you couldn’t be more wrong, because a woman can never be someone’s property, and even though you’ve married her, she is still her own person. Remember that she can walk away from you in every given moment if you don’t respect her or treat her right.

Women are unique, gentle, kind-hearted creatures and they deserve to be treated with respect. If she’s accepted to become your wife, you need to make her feel like a queen, honor her and love her with all your heart. Then you’ll feel what it truly means to have a wife by your side.

You’ll see her in all her glory because you’ve given her a reason to respect you and love you just the same.

Women are amazing, strong and independent and if you want to feel what it means to be married with one, you need to treat her right. Touch her soul and heart with appreciation and gratitude and you will feel nothing but joy and happiness in return.

All your efforts and kind words will be rewarded with even kinder words in return.

Know that if you don’t treat her the way she deserves to be treated, you will end up alone. She will not tolerate being treated like property and she will leave you the moment she feels that way. She respects herself too much to let any man claim ownership over her and her destiny.

She is not an object and she will not let you treat her that way. Just because you’re a man, that doesn’t give you the right to do what you want and act however you want. Trust me when I tell you that no woman will tolerate that misogynistic behavior, surely not in this modern-day and age.

Women are powerful and strong, much more than men give them credit for. She will mop your floor with you and toss you aside like an old rug. She will not accept anything less than she deserves and she knows exactly what she deserves. She is a woman and that’s all she needs to be.

She is someone, not something and no one can claim ownership over her, not her father and most definitely not her husband.