How One Marriage Of 40 Years Ends? (A Touching Story)

One Marriage Of 40 Years Ends Like This... (A Touching Story)

An old couple in their 70s walked into the office of a lawyer to file a divorce. The lawyer was very confused, but after having the conversation with them, he understood their story.

Throughout their marriage of more than forty years, the couple had been quarreling all the time. Even though nothing seemed right, they decided to stay together only for the sake of their kids.

But, they were already adults with their own lives, so the husband and the wife had nothing to worry about. In order to live a life free of worries, the couple decided to get a divorce.

The lawyer could not understand why these people in their 70s would like to divorce after so many years. During the signing of papers, the wife told her husband: “I love you very much, but I cannot carry anymore. I am so sorry…”

The husband replied: “It is all right, I understand.” When the lawyer saw this, he suggested the couple a dinner with him, and they agreed. When they went out, at the dining table, there was an awkward silence.

When the first dish arrived, it was a roasted chicken, and the husband said: “Drumsticks are your favorite, take them…” The lawyer thought that this marriage might still have a chance.

But, the old woman said: “You are always focused on yourself, and you have no idea how I feel. I hate drumsticks, have you forgotten?” The woman did not know that her husband was trying to please her all the time.

She did not know that the drumsticks were his favorite dish. And, her husband, had no idea that she thought he never understood her. He did not know that she never liked drumsticks although he has always wanted the best for her.

After dinner, they went home, and they both could not sleep. The husband could not take it anymore, he was aware of his love towards her, he knew he wanted to have her back, so he wanted to tell her that he was sorry and that he loved her.

He took the phone and he never stopped dialing her. The wife was also sad because he could not understand why her husband could not understand her even after so many years.

She loved him so much, but she did not want to continue. She did not pick up the phone because she knew it was him. She thought that there was no point in talking after everything had ended, so she pulled the phone cord.

But, she did not remember that her husband had heart problems. The following day, the wife got the news that her husband had passed away. When she got to his apartment, she saw him lying on the couch and holding the phone.

Sadly, the old man had a heart attack while he was trying to reach her through the phone. She was extremely sad, but she had to clear his belongings.

While looking through his things, she found files and a note saying:

“To my dearest spouse. If you are reading this, then, I am no longer alive. I purchased this policy for you. Even though it is just 100,000 dollars, I really hope that it will be enough for you when I am not around. You have to know that I will always be by your side, I love you.”

This note broke the wife’s heart. This sad and heartbreaking story is a lesson to all of us. If you have a person you love, make sure to let them know because you can never know what may happen.