Mariah Carey Has Lost A Ton Of Weight And Is Still Out Thotting Like It’s The ’90s In A See-Through Dress (But She Looked Fine AF Though!)

Mariah Carey got not really a constructive criticism of her size. And, no, they were not talking about Mariah’s ego. In fact, it was a surprise that Mariah was struggling to continue the show in Las Vegas. It was obvious that she had gained weight.

Also, a few sources reported that she seemed fatigued. Her singing is still excellent, no one can complain about that. While she was out with her partner, Byran Tanaka, she gave the cameras a complete view.

According to Daily Mail, when Mariah and Bryan went out to eat sushi for dinner, she looked as if she already knew she would be noticed. There was a lot to be seen.

James Packer was Mariah’s ex-fiance, so after their break up, she has been spending a lot of time with her partner. Bryan was a part of her dancing crew ten years ago during her “Adventured of Mimi Tour.”

She is definitely not discouraged because of the fact that she is older from her boyfriend for 14 years. Just look at them!

This dress has turned so many heads, right? She looks amazing in her mini, see-through dress and black boots. As we can see, she has lost some weight while being in Vegas. And, now, she is wearing her long hair down and enjoying her body.

They went to a famous restaurant, so what do you think? Does Mariah look healthier?

Her boyfriend was dressed in casually, and he wore shoes in a metallic color. Do this famous people wear specific clothes only to be seen?

If you were aware what the world was talking about you and your body, would you like to look so great in an excellent outfit to show them up?

As it seems, the press spotted the couple another night when Mariah was wearing black top revealing a lot from her chest, and dark leggings. Also, her partner was dressed in black, wearing a jacket made of leather.

In the middle of a lawsuit with the BIV for being dismissed in unsuitable clothes, it would appear that Mariah has learned how to distract from stress. As reported by the choir, she did not pay 4,000 dollars deposit, so in 2016 she chose a different choir.

It is questionable what happened and why Mariah changed choirs because the non-profit choir is suing her for a lot of money, more precisely 67,500 dollars. Will she overcome this? Or, maybe this does not look good for her reputation?


As we can see, her life goes on no matter what happens. What is your opinion about Mariah with her new curvy figure?

Image Source: Daily Mail