Research Shows Homework Doesn’t Improve Academic Performance

Doing homework is not something that every kid looks forward it. And, there may be a really good reason for that. In fact, countries with that have lower salary have highest homework loads.

The places famous for their great results in average mathematics achievement are Japan and Hong Kong. Well, the children have less homework.

Furthermore, the Netherlands is known for less stressful loads on students, so one in five students in the 4th grade say that they do not do homework on a school night. The Netherlands is on the list of top ten for mathematics average scores.

About ten percent of 4th-grade kids in the world spend several hours per night doing homework. On the international level, one in five kids in the 4th grade spend half an hour or even less on math, three or four times in a week.

There are studies that say a lot of homework causes sleeping problems and it develops a negative link to homework since it leads to stress (1). As a matter of fact, there is no proof that a lot of homework is the way to reach academic success or get better results at school (2).

Actually, there are many locations in Europe that have greater freedom in the schooling system, and that leads to much better performance when compared to the USA.

Outside the USA, there are numerous elementary schools that have fewer workloads and longer recess, and that results in better work. Our busy design of society and demands make our kids to overwork.

All the time we are trying to work much harder, do more, and achieve more than the others. Our way of teaching makes us see meditation, gardening, and other activities as irrelevant.

Children are born to be active. They have a lot of energy and excitement, and they need to release them. Across the USA, kids are said to have ADHD when they cannot have full concentration in school.

In fact, in the USA nine percent of the kids are diagnosed with the condition, and in France, less than five percent have the same condition. Not good.

Due to this, we need to make a change. We need real-world experiences. Obviously, the system is failing, so successful people such as Elon Musk have taken their children out of school.

Coming home from school and having to do homework for even more hours is definitely exhausting. Thinking that kids learn better outside or maybe during interaction, is not a radical idea.

Many teachers have discussed banning homework, but we need a complete shift in the educational system. Excluding homework, while having the same system design will not remove the basic issues.

Kids need to and read, focus on finding solutions to problems, and think in an intellectual way. However, if kids experience stress while learning, they will see the world as demanding and constantly stressful.

Moreover, kids need a supportive environment in order to thrive because they are wise, insightful, and compassionate. Reality is something more than it is represented to us. We need to make a change.

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