The Way Someone Holds The Fist Reveals Their Personality

The Way You Hold Your Fist Can Say a Lot About Your Personality

The best way to find out about your internal and external personality is to make a fist and see how you will hold it. The way you hold your fist can tell you a lot about your personality. Here are the most common ways you can hold your fists.

Picture No. 1

Internal Personality

You feel accepted and recognized by the people around you since they treat you with sincerity. Furthermore, they want to protect you no matter the circumstance. However, at times it seems that people are overly nice.

As a result, you may easily be used by people who pretend they are honest with you. Therefore, all you really want is honesty.

External Personality

You are quite the enthusiast. Moreover, you are incredibly energetic, impatient, curious and funny. If you hold your fist like this, it could mean that your compassionate nature is making you insecure and sensitive.

But, your vivid imagination is what sets you apart from everyone else. So, don’t be afraid to use it.

What About Love?

You are always capable of falling in love. However, you find it difficult to express it. Therefore, if you show your partner 30% of your love than in reality, you love them 50% more. In other words, you suppress your emotions.

Also, you know how to suppress your anger and bad temper, which is why you treat people very nicely.

Picture No. 2

Internal Personality

You are afraid people might hurt you, so you never set your expectations too high. Due to your fragile heart, you always need someone to encourage you, especially if you are dealing with loss. Lastly, you want people to know the real you.

Otherwise, you probably might think that all you have done for them might be in vain.

External Personality

If you hold your fist like this, it could mean that you are very charismatic and talented.

Also, you are hardworking, dedicated, generous, intelligent, alert, confident, and flexible. What sets you apart from everyone else is your ability to come up with new ideas in the blink of an eye.

What About Love?

You think too much. That is why you are submerged in depressive and sad memories that you simply can’t let go. As a result, you always end up changing your mind about your partner.

Furthermore, you think that your partner will get sick of you and start to hate you. In the end, you act as if you don’t care.

Picture No. 3

Internal Personality

Usually, you are the one who is silent. But, when it comes to protecting, you will do anything to prevent someone from getting hurt. All that you want is to be understood. Therefore, you want to be able to live your dream, be flexible, and free.

External Personality

If you hold your fist as in the picture, you are probably very thoughtful, witty, agile, emotional, practical, alert, and creative. Moreover, you can be a good manipulator.

What you don’t want most people to notice is that you are really sensitive and you tend to worry all the time.

What About Love?

You want to feel comfortable in a relationship. But because of your soft heart, you often forget and forgive when someone has hurt you. As a result, you do the same with your relationship.

What about you? How do you hold your fist?