Interesting Theory about The Healing Ability of Living Beings

Every part of our body has its own soul or its own consciousness. The ones who began this journey to discover the body’s ability to heal itself were the indigenous medicine women.

But, many still wonder if the body can truly hear us. If it can really cooperate with us and help us heal.

As a result, Therese Wade decided to find out the healing capacity of her body. She was suffering from a severe chronic pain disorder.

This is her story.

The Path to Freedom

One night, right after reaching a state of deep meditation, she decided to engage her body in a heartfelt conversation filled with hope. However, she didn’t know what to expect.

Surprisingly, only after an hour, she felt something extraordinary. Her tissues responded. They stretched and pulled apart the layers of the scar tissue.

Even her nerves began to act which inspired the muscles to flex and extend. But, she had no conscious control over what was happening.

Furthermore, as she continued to meditate, one of her calf muscles, that were previously paralyzed by a neuropathic condition, started working again.

She felt as if she was receiving some electric-like jolts through her entire area.

Finally, she was finally freeing herself from this condition.

How to Achieve Dynamic Healing

Therese Wade has a background in Oriental Medicine and acupuncture. As a result, she knows exactly how prevalent the chronic pain is.

That is why she believes her story might help those who are suffering from this condition.

The first thing you need to do to achieve dynamic healing is to meditate. You have to meditate regularly to learn to train the brain to enter the theta and alpha brainwave states.

Only in these states, you can communicate with the physical body and conscious mind.

Once you establish that communication, there are 3 major steps you should follow.

  • Understand your body and emotions and approach it with genuine compassion.
  • Engage in a mental conversation with your body and share your desire for the two of you to cooperate. This way you will build trust, and you can overcome the ailment.
  • Change the conversation by using words and thoughts that evoke spontaneous elevated emotions.

According to her experience, these steps are crucial for achieving dynamic healing.

The Power of Human Intention

One researcher, Cleve Backster, studied biocommunication in an animal, plant, and human cells. He spent 36 years of his life and discovered a set of very similar factors.

He referred to these factors as spontaneity, real intent, and attunement.

Back in 1966, he started monitoring the Dracaena plant with polygraph equipment. He attached the electrodes to the leaf and started thinking about ways to induce a surge of electricity in the plant.

Suddenly, he imagined burning the leaf. At that same moment, the polygraph pen shot to the top of the chart.

In other words, the plant was probably somehow detecting the force of human intention.

Are the Plants Attuned to Their Caretakers?

The moment Backster placed a few matches near the plant, the plant started showing a high level of reaction on the chart.

As a result, Backster decided to get rid of the threat and returned the matches to his desk. Now, the chart was back to normal.

But, the moment he tried to repeat the test, there was no reaction.

This proves that plants sense the difference between artificial and real intent.

Moreover, he also discovered that the plants are attuned to their caretakers. They respond to both negative and positive emotions.

What About Consciousness?

Backster discovered that spontaneous emotions are necessary to elicit electoral reaction to the cells.

According to more of his studies, there is a powerful correlation between the electrical reactions in the cells and the stressful events.

In fact, he claims that human cells have strong signs of consciousness.

Healing Ability

All of Backster’s studies were conducted with electromagnetic radiation. These are usual energies used for transmitting information.

Since the cells behave as if they are not there, Backster suggests that communication is carried out in a field still unknown to conventional science.

In addition, some researchers believe that further development of quantum physics might help identify this field that allows all living beings to communicate via emotional intent.

Moreover, quantum entanglement is a process that allows 2 particles of matter that have interacted with each other, to behave as they are connected despite being separated by countless miles.

In fact, these particles still behave as if they are connected.

So, Backster’s research and this scientific phenomenon, point to the concept of oneness. In fact, they prove that all of nature is interdependent.

Final Thoughts

This research may seem confusing, but it seems that the ancient cultures greatly understood the interconnection of all living beings and the universal field that sustains all life.

They managed to use this knowledge of the universe by practicing meditation techniques that would bring the mind into attunement with this universal field.

This method is called Antara. It enables us to obtain raw healing ability generated by the body and mind with the help of this universal energy field.

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