Husband Made Fun Out Of His Wife’s Body After Giving Birth To Their Child. Her Comeback Is Priceless

He Made Fun Out Of His Wife's Looks, But Her Response Is Precious!

Often, men take for granted what women need to go through when they are bearing their children. And, being a mother is probably the most amazing feeling in this world. However, some women need to give up on their friends, social life, career, figure, etc.

Also, it can be an emotional rollercoaster because pregnant women are too sensitive. The hormones work like crazy, and they take control of the body and the mind. Women are under huge pressure.

But, without women, the humankind would not exist. Sadly, they are often not respected and hurt. Many times men hurt women physically as well as psychologically. One cannot tell which way is worse.

There are men that think a woman’s primary job is to bear children, so that makes pregnancy easy. Yes, it is amazing, beautiful, and incredible, but definitely, it is not easy.

Women with partners need their support and understanding. Those men who think that women can do it alone, they need to understand that everything would be easier if they were there for their wives.

Those who think that they become fathers on the day their child is born; they need to know they are wrong. Men, you are fathers from the first day of your wives’ pregnancy.

All of those beautiful experiences as a mother come with loosened skin and fat. Although women have the capability of being mums to sweet, cute, and great kids, they feel insecure about their bodies which make them sad.

It is not easy to not look like you used to before pregnancy, and not be able to wear the same clothes. In this period women feel comfortable just when they are wearing pajamas and sweatshirts.

So, attacking a woman right at her insecurities during this time is not a good feeling especially when it comes from the husband. When you read the story below, you would think that this man has no idea how much he hurt his wife.

Getting back into shape after pregnancy requires time, so till that happens, women tend to feel depressed. Read on to find out about what happened to the husband who made fun of his wife.

One woman after giving birth to her first baby, of course, gained a lot of fat. And, to make everything worse, her husband was completely disappointed by the way his wife looked.

One day, just after several weeks of the wife getting home with her baby, she was doing some work when her spouse sad something bad. He told his wife that her bottom looked like some old washing machine which means it is huge.

Of course, the woman was hurt by his remark, but she decided to stay calm and not to give him a response. Then, later that night, her husband was aroused, and he wanted to make love to his wife.

And, at that moment, the woman gave him the deserved comment. She said to him that an old washing machine could not be started with just a small load, and she said to him to help himself as he knew.

Now, this was a comeback. We suppose that the man’s reaction to this was priceless. Even though we try to be nice to everyone, when we are offended by hurtful comments on our insecurities, we need to respond in a proper way.

And, since men will never go through something like women, they need to learn how to be respectful and supportive towards their wives. They need to love them and motivate them no matter how they look.