A Grandma Grabs Kids And Runs After She Hears Dogs Barking Outside

One day, Slayer, which is a pit bull, and his friend Paco were playing in the yard, when suddenly, they noticed something strange and shady in the grass. But, they did not pay much attention.

However, they realized that the shadow was something dangerous, and they turned on their protection mode in order to take care of the family. A large, poisonous snake was looking at the kids of the Butt family.

The dogs began barking, and the family realized that there is something wrong outside. The grandmother sent the children inside to keep them safe, and when she went back outside, she saw a terrible view.

The snake had bitten both dogs, and it was a question of time until the poison took its toll. Later on, the family learned that the snake was a copperhead, which is a very poisonous snake with a very bad temper.

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The poor dogs were trying to protect the family when the snake attacked them. It has bitten them several times injecting them with a fatal poison. Thankfully, Slayer grabbed the snake’s head and shook it until she was no longer alive.

When the snake was dead, both dogs started having a reaction to the poison. Then, Melissa Butt took the dogs to the vet. Sadly, the face of Slayer was swelling more and more, and he had difficulty breathing, so they needed to go to the BluePearl emergency, forty minutes away.

So, Melissa tried to drive as fast she could in order to save the brave dog that saved her family. Both dogs received anti-venom, and they had to sit and wait to see the reaction.

Luckily, Paco reacted very well to the anti-venom, and he got released one day later. On the hand, Slayer is still having problems with swelling, and he is not back to normal. Unfortunately, with each new day, Slayer is slowly progressing.

Having wonderful pets like these is really a good thing because they can keep our kids safe. Thanks to these dogs, the entire family is safe. Let’s hope that Slayer is going to survive.

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