How The Frequency of Music Affects the Brain and Body

How The Frequency of Music Affect Your Brain and Body Without You Knowing

It is known that everything, this includes our bodies is done with energy which vibrates at different frequencies. So, the inevitable question arises – can sound frequencies impact people? It seems that is the case since frequencies impact other frequencies.(source)

This is very similar to mixing some ingredients with others which impacts the flavor of the meal. How these frequencies impact the world has been shown in different experiments, like the water memory and Cymatics. (source)

You should know that Cymatics show that when a sound frequencies move through some medium like sand, air or water, they alter the vibration.

Everyone has some vibrational frequency since human bodies have around 70 percent of water. And according to the experiments, it seems that sound frequencies, i.e., the musical ones might alter out vibrational state.

Every single expression through thought, sound and emotion has a special frequency that impacts the environment – such as one drop of water might make a bigger ripple effect in the big body of water.

More About Music Frequency

So, let’s pay attention to the frequency of music people listen. You should know that most music around the world has been tuned to A=440 Hz since 1953. That is the year when the ISO International Standards Organization promoted it.

But, when paying attention at the vibratory nature of the whole universe, there is a possibility that this pitch is actually unmelodious with the resonance of nature and might have adverse effects on consciousness and behavior in people.

It is possible that another pitch is better.


It is said that 432 is mathematically consistent when it comes to the universe and its patterns.

In fact, it is believed that this pitch vibrates with the golden mean PHI of the universe and unifies the properties of consciousness, light, DNA code, time, magnetism with biology, space, gravity, and matter.

It is believed that when out DNA and atoms begin to resonate in harmony with nature and its pattern, our sense of a link to nature is magnified.

It is also considered that A=432 Hz tuning corresponds to the chakra system and color spectrum, while on the other hand the other pinch that is the A=440 doesn’t.


One study presents the effects of music therapy on crucial values and the perception of anxiety in endodontic therapy.

Medicine and music work together, the musical frequencies of A=432 Hz and the soothing sound effects make this union an excellent tool for synergistic care.

The fact is that music therapy is useful nonpharmacologic adjuvant when it comes to anxiety perception throught endodontic therapies. (source)

The Difference

So, it’s believed that there is another pitch which is better, but is there a difference?

Musicians and music lovers think that when music is tuned in the other pitch is more harmonious and beautiful to the ears, but also it generates an inward experience which is felt in the heart and also the spine.

It is explained as a more mental and outward experience. Audiophile stated that music at this pitch might be linear or directional in sound propagation. Below you will see a video done by someone who has no opinion on which pitch is better.

So, this means that how both versions are played is actually unbiased. Do you agree that A=432 Hz is better? You need to decide which is better for you.

But more research is needed on this topic in order to back up the beliefs mentioned above and statements.