12 Reasons Why It’s Hard for Female Empaths to Find the Right Man

12 Reasons Why It’s Hard for Female Empaths to Find the Right Man

An empath is a person with intensive emotional sensitivity and high empathy. Usually, empaths have to face endless struggles in a relationship, due to their amazing gift. Their gift allows them to relate to the people around them emotionally.

As a result, sometimes, being a gifted empath can be extremely difficult. Since empaths’ emotions easily overwhelm them, they usually feel drained and extremely exhausted.

Therefore, people with such a gift may only get along with someone who can give them powerful and stable emotional reciprocation, especially in a romantic relationship.

In fact, empaths usually have to create an emotional distance if they want to be able to avoid all the problems that come with romance.

12 Reasons Why It Is Difficult to Find the Right Man for an Empath

Here is why strong empath women find it difficult to find the right man.

1. Empaths Lose Themselves Easily

Empaths always put themselves in other people’s shoes. In fact, they usually get immersed in the thoughts and feelings of others and forget about their own needs.

As a result, they prioritize others and neglect themselves. At some occasions, empaths may even forgive their partner too easily.

2. They Love Too Much

Empaths are overflown with emotions. That is why they usually fall in love deeper than any other partner.

3. Positive Illusions About a Partner

Empaths need a positive environment to strive to become positive thinkers. In fact, they are incredibly sensitive to both negative and positive influence.

That is why they usually harbor immensely positive illusions about their partner. However, these positive illusions don’t let them notice their partner’s most critical flaws.

4. Taking Things Very Seriously

Empaths react emotionally and sensitively to criticism. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t like constructive feedback.

On the contrary, they do, however, they can’t usually separate their rational responses from their emotional ones.

In other words, even the simplest fights might hurt them.

5. Immensely Misunderstood

Many people believe that empaths look like they need to toughen up. They seem to be some mere pushovers. But, that is absolutely not true.

An empath’s gift may be incredible, but it comes with challenges. What you should do if you are an empath is not to let the gift meddle with your relationships.

Instead, you should use some techniques, like yoga, for example, to set some personal boundaries in the early stages of a relationship.

6. A Magnet for ‘’Bad’’ Guys

Unfortunately, there are plenty of energy-draining and attention-seeking personalities in the world. They love to take advantage of caring and loving people.

That is why empaths usually end up in relationships with such people.

7. Empaths Need Emotional Distance

Many empaths want to distance themselves from their partner from time to time. They need this distance in order to recharge.

However, many people would interpret this need for an emotional and physical distance which is a sign of falling out of love.

8. Empaths Need Emotional Satisfaction

People with such a gift usually feel rejected, unloved, or incredibly overwhelmed by their partners. In addition, it is difficult for them to find the right person at the right time.

9. They Absorb People’s Negativity

Empaths are incredibly sensitive to other people’s feelings. As a result, they end up absorbing all the negative feelings.

10. They are the Giver in a Relationship

Empaths may be excellent mood-readers and listeners. That is why they will do anything in their power to help those who need it.

But, they end up giving more attention and care to their partner without gaining anything in return.

11. Judge too Harshly

Empaths have powerful opinions about what other people may do in any given situation. As a result, they may feel frustrated or stressed whenever they and their partner do not meet their expectations.

12. They Enjoy Peace

Many empaths need their moment of silence to recharge all that energy.