Emotions Shape Our Physical Reality, Research Shows

These three different studies show something truly remarkable. Three different teams of researchers claim to have found something really extraordinary. When they connected those three discoveries, they found something shocking.

Something that was hidden this entire time in plain sight. They claim to have found that human emotion shapes the world around us, literally. In fact, our emotions can alter reality and our perception of the world.

The First Experiment

For the first experiment, researchers isolated human DNA in a specific sealed container. They placed the container next to a test subject. The researchers supplied the donor with the emotional stimulus.

Shockingly, these emotions actually had an effect on the DNA that was placed in the other room.

When faced with negative emotions, the DNA tightened. But, the positive emotions made the DNA relax. Researchers claim that human emotion creates a powerful effect that absolutely defies all conventional laws of physics (source).

The Second Experiment

There was a second unrelated but similar experiment. A separate group of researchers extracted white blood cells (Leukocytes) from volunteers and transferred them into different chambers to measure the electrical changes.

For this experiment, video clips that were the subject of ‘’emotional stimulation’’ were placed in one room and the volunteer was placed in a different room. In the end, this caused the production of different emotions in the volunteer.

The DNA was then transferred to the same building but in a different room. Both the volunteer and his DNA were closely monitored. In time the volunteer exhibited emotional valleys or peaks that were measured by electrical responses.

What is most fascinating is that the DNA showed similar responses at the exact same time. There was no transmission time nor lag. The DNA valleys and peaks were exactly the same as the valleys and peaks of the volunteer in time.

The researchers wanted to find out how far they can separate the volunteer from his DNA and not break the effect. After 50 miles, they stopped testing because the results remained the same. Once again, no transmission time and no lag.

The volunteer and the DNA had the exact same responses in time. This means that the DNA and the volunteer can communicate beyond time and space (source).

The Third Experiment

This experiment proved truly amazing. Researchers studied the effect of DNA on our physical world. Light photons that make the world around us were closely studied inside a vacuum. Their natural locations were random (source).

To study their effects, researchers inserted human DNA into the vacuum. Astonishingly, the light photons were not acting randomly anymore. In fact, they followed the geometry of the volunteer’s DNA. Researchers claim the photons are acting counter-intuitively.

‘’We have to acknowledge the possibility of some completely new field of energy’’- stated the researchers. The records of this study show that human DNA can, in fact, reshape the behavior of light photons.

And these photons make the world around us (source).


When researchers connected the three scientific claims, they were shocked. They realized that human emotion affects our DNA, and human DNA can shape the world as we know it. In other words, our emotions can cause a physical change in our world.