Don’t EVER Get on an Empath’s Bad Side! Here’s Why

Empaths are masters of reading the mind and body language. They know exactly what you are thinking without you being aware of it. That is why empaths are truly gifted people. They possess a rare gift that makes them special.

True empaths can sense people’s feelings as their own. In fact, such a trait makes them immensely powerful. Furthermore, they are great problem-solvers and listeners. In other words, empaths are born experts in the human psychology.

They only need to take one look at a person to know if that person is good, evil, fake, or simply a liar. Here are the ten reasons why you should never EVER mess with an empath.

1. They Know You Are Fake

When you are trying to pretend to be someone you are not, an empath will immediately notice your fake behavior. An empath will resent you for it. After all, split personalities are something that they can’t stand.

Therefore, if you want to be friends with an empath, you should drop that act. Be yourself and accept your flaws. This is the only way for you to stop pretending. Only then an empath will accept you and acknowledge your efforts.

2. Empaths Sense Hatred

One of the most overwhelming and powerful emotions is hatred, and an empath can easily sense it. When a person transmits huge waves of strong negative energy, an empath will hate them for it.

As a result, they will stay as far away as possible from a person like that. However, an empath never takes revenge by hating that person back. Instead, they will only surround themselves with positive energy and people who respect them.

3. Born Lie-Detectors

A true empath doesn’t need to look into a liar’s eyes or focus on their subconscious movements to know if that person is lying. Empaths can spot liars from miles away. Even though they can’t explain how they know, they simply know. Their gut tells them so.

4. Detest Insincere Flattery

Dishonest flattery and affection is something empaths can’t stand. They may not react to it, but they know deep down that a person is showering them with false compliments.

5. Never Naïve

There is no way for anyone to be able to use an empath. Empaths are never naïve. In fact, they hate being used. As a result, they spend time only with the people who love and respect them.

6. You Can’t Hide Jealousy

Empaths can immediately sense when someone is jealous. Whatever a person does, they can’t hide their true feelings and emotions from an empath. But, they will not do anything to confront a person who is jealous.

7. True Feelings Will Always Surface

Whenever you are feeling sick, or emotionally drenched, an empath will know. So, there is no need to tell an empath that you are feeling ok, because deep down, they know you are not ok. Furthermore, you don’t need to explain the reason behind your stress.

An empath may offer a helping hand and a listening ear. That is why they are always there to help.

8. Listen to Their Warnings

A true empath knows when you are on the wrong path. In fact, if you are their close friend, they will warn you about it. All you have to do is listen, and let them guide you. What makes an empath special is their amazing intuition.

They simply have a feeling that something is wrong.

9. Not a Fool

You can’t fool an empath. They know exactly when they should distance themselves from a person who may harm them. Therefore, don’t believe that you can play with their feelings without them spotting you first.

10. They Know You Are Judging

If you often judge people by their appearance, the way they act, skin color, empaths will always notice you. They will distance themselves from a person who is full of hatred and prejudice.

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