Does Your Dog Hate Getting Its Nails Clipped? This Dad Found An Incredible Solution!

,If you have a dog, you know it hates going to the groomer and the vet. Even though a makeover is not as scary as a health check, dogs do not like seeing shavers or scissors close to their body.

Which is the worst part of grooming? Of course, cutting their nails. Many dogs do not like at all to get their nails clipped. It is terrifying to have those huge pliers close to your sensitive nail beds.

It is not easy to explain a dog that everything is going to be good.

Since Kendal Peifer is aware that her dog does not like clipping its nails, she had to share her father’s brilliant idea.

In fact, Kendal’s dad used a purse and a chin-up bar to make a nail-cutting hack.

Thankfully, Kendal shared this fantastic thing online, so everyone can find it useful.

Last month, the 10th of February, Kendal posted two photos on Twitter that got about 50,000 retweets and more than 209,000 likes in two days!

Apparently, people loved the idea! No one ever thought of buying a purse and cutting holes in it in order to place the dog inside.

When the father made the harness, he put the dog inside in order to cut its nails. Numerous people liked it, and there were many positive comments, such as, “This is the best thing I’ve seen today,” “Your father is a genius,” etc.

A lot of people said that they would like to try the same with their pets. But, other people were aware that the hack would not be useful for their dogs.

This is incredible, and as a matter of fact, it seems that only fathers can come up with an idea like this one. So, would you try this with your pet?

Source: Little Things | Image Source: Wikimedia, Pixabay, PxHere, Twitter – Kendal Peifer