The Day I Decided To Quit

The Day I Decided To Quit

I quit my spirituality, my relationship, and my job. I really wanted to quit my whole life, so I went to the forest to talk with God for the last time. I asked him if there’s one good reason not to give up?

He answered me to my question: “Look around, notice that bamboo and the fern?”

“Yes,” I replied surprised. Then God continued: “When I planted the seeds of the bamboo and the fern, I did my best to take care of them.  I gave them water and light. In no time the fern grew from the ground.

The ground was covered with its mesmerizing green. However, nothing happened with the bamboo seeds. But that didn’t stop me, and I didn’t quit on these seeds. Then in the second year, the fern grew more plentiful and vibrant.

And still, nothing happened with the bamboo seed. In the third year, yet, nothing was happening with the bamboo seeds. And no, I didn’t quit. Then in year 4, again nothing happened. But after 5 years, a small sprout appeared from the ground.

In comparison to the fern it was insignificant and tiny, but in half a year the bamboo was more than 100 feet tall.

The bamboo spent the 5 years just growing roots. But these roots gave the bamboo the necessary strength to survive and thrive. I wouldn’t give any of my creations a challenge they couldn’t handle.”

Then God asked me: “Did you know that for all the time you have been struggling. Actually, you have been acting like the bamboo; you have been growing roots? I never quit on the bamboo, and certainly I’ll never quit on you.”

Then God said: “Remember one thing, don’t compare yourself to others. You should know that the bamboo has a different purpose in comparison to the fern. But still, both make the forest look great”.

Then he said: “Your time shall come and you’ll rise high.”

“How high?” – I asked. God asked me in return – “How high shall the bamboo rise after 5 years?” I took a moment to think, and I answered – “As high as the bamboo can?”

“Yes” – he said. “You need to provide me glory by getting as high as possible.” I turned and left the forest, but I took the story with me.

I honestly hope that these words shall help you understand that there is someone who will never give up on you and that is God. Remember, don’t tell God how big the issue is, tell the issue how Great God is.