Couple Shares Weight-Loss Tips After Shedding Nearly 300 Pounds

Last year, one Instagram story went viral. The Instagram-celeb Lexi Reed together with her husband managed to lose almost 300 pounds. Now, the couple wants to share a couple of tips on how they managed to achieve this dramatic change.

This is how they managed to lose so many pounds together.

They started their journey in 2016, on January 1st. Lexi decided to lose the excess weight due to her deteriorating health.

At almost 500 pounds, there was a high possibility that her life would be in great danger.

That is why her husband Danny decided to join her and lose weight together.

Just a year later, they are healthier and happier than ever before. This is what they had to say.

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The Incredible and Challenging Journey

Lexi wrote on Instagram that they traded their lazy habits, bad foods, and watching Netflix, for the gym and healthy meals.

Ever since they started their journey, Lexi says, they are different people – mentally, not physically.

She claims they are now closer and stronger. Now that they have decided to live healthier, they will live longer together.

Even though it hasn’t been easy, Lexi says, it was absolutely worth it.

How Did it Begin?

Lexi started by not eating out, having cheat meals, or partying for the first month. After this tremendous shift, she became more dedicated and determined to start her new lifestyle.

As a result, Lexi managed to lose 246 pounds. From 485 pounds, she now weighs 239.

She claims that she worked tirelessly for a whole year to get where she is now. Moreover, she says that she finally gets to live the life she always wanted.

Lexi and Danny’s Tips for Losing Weight

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1. Excercise Should Be Your Top Priority

Even though Lexi is working 10 hours a day, she still managed to find time to go the gym. She says that it is best always to add the gym hours to your calendar.

Set it up like you are planning a business meeting. You are your own boss, says Lexi. So, you can’t cancel this appointment.

2. Find Something to Motivate You

It is crucial that you have strong motivation and dedication to lose weight. Living a healthy and long life sets a good example for your future and the future of your children, say the couple.

This is what kept them motivated for the entire time. Also, they kept reminding themselves of their motivation, which gave them powerful encouragement.

3. A Loved One Should Encourage You to Lose Weight

It is crucial to stay motivated, but it is also important to have someone at your side when the journey becomes incredibly difficult.

Lexi claims that whenever she felt like skipping a workout, her husband was always there to encourage her.

Also, whenever he had a difficult time, she was there to help him get up and keep going.

So, having someone at your side can make a huge difference.

If you want to keep following their weight-loss journey and learn more about the food they ate, follow them on Instagram.

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