20 Controversial Art illustrations Exposing The Sheer Madness Of Our World

20 Controversial Art illustrations Exposing The Sheer Madness Of Our World

When artists start communicating their deepest insights, thoughts, and perceptions via their works of art, they will let us see a world completely different. Their eyes see something most people can’t. That is why their art is so unique.

Here is an inspirational and stunning collection of the most provoking pieces of art on the planet.

Most of these pictures will be deemed extremely controversial, but they do show how our life is really like.

What do you think? Do these images inspire you? Let us know.

No. 1

This image shows that the real terrorists of our world are the 5000 dollar suits that work in the highest position in the government, business, and finance.

No. 2

Got any milk?

No. 3

The moment people log into Facebook, they start judging others. It is like their inner nature.

No. 4

A damaged and broken mind can hide with ease behind a deceptive and confident tongue.

No. 5

This image shows that everyone is simply addicted to oil. This is the depiction of true addiction.

No. 6

If only the little child knew where those chocolates came from.

No. 7

If you don’t learn to protect yourself or be careful, other people and their opinions will label you. Those labels will remain as long as you don’t remove them.

In the end, they will drain your entire life and energy.

No. 8

This is how reality looks like. Some choose to ignore it, while others can’t run away from it.

No. 9

Death and terrorism can come in any form, it doesn’t matter if it is a disease, obesity, diabetes, or simply someone evil.

But, it can most certainly hide behind any smiling face.

No. 10

Most people don’t realize that the more trees they cut, the more they ruin their own lives.

But, only when the last tree has fallen, the last stream is poisoned, and the last fish has been caught, will we realize that money can’t save us all.

No. 11

The witch gave a poisonous apple to Snow White, and she ate it. That is why she fell unconscious. Just, think about it.

No. 12

This is a perfect representation of the modern-day slave.

No. 13

Do we even realize how much Facebook is consuming our time and attention?

No. 14

All of us are humans, we just got separated by religion, wealth, and politics. For how long will we stay this way?

No. 15

What if the tables were turned? Would we want our rights?

No. 16

Yet again, a different perspective.

No. 17

At times, a father must be a mother, and a mother must be a father.

No. 18

No girl wants to be a courtesan or an adult film star when she grows up. But, the need for wealth makes them forfeit their morals and sell their body.

No. 19

How far are you willing to go?

No. 20

In reality, we are mindless zombies who feed on the misery of others. In the animal’s eyes, we are pure horror.

We love to watch them suffer. We love to watch them rot in cages. Why? For amusement.

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