The Metaphysics Of A Paradigm Shift In Consciousness

Paradigm shift refers to a change in the identified pattern of thoughts, and it can be said it is a “standard model” of the fundamental humans’ understanding and comprehension. Now we are in a process of the greatest shift in consciousness ever.

The reason behind this is the world splitting into two distinct evolutionary directions. In fact, there are two parabolas of energy, and one is curving inwards and downwards, and it is more unaware and regressive.

While the other parabola is upwards and outwards towards a bigger awareness and perception. Not all people are the same, there are two different evolutions of humanity.

The humans from the first parabola feel the loss of vitality, and they become paranoiac fascists. The Police station is developed from the sentiments of the regressive parabola.

These people’s evolution is coming to an end, although it may be needed tens of years for them to perish. Moreover, people from the second parabola are able to perceive in the best way. They go towards acceptance, love, as well as celestial heavens.

Today, on our Earth there are the most sensitive and perceptive people ever. There are two reasons:

The first one is because the parabolas divided in the 60s. With the music of that period and Flower Power, there was less hindrance from the regressive curve to do not let the progressive people develop. They chose their own way.

The second one is because people from the progressive parabola found transcendence. They became people with a multidimensional perception. As if they are with one foot here, and the other in higher space.

When the old world dies, these people are capable of building a whole new world. The kids of these people will be the inheritors of this planet. Then, there would be a Golden Age of a thousand years in which the regressives will incarnate again.

Humans from the downward curve go towards the demonic dimensions, they look for heat, so they move towards carnal deviation, drug use, black magic, alcohol use, degradation, and money.

They want money because it serves as food for their egos, and they steal from humble and honest humans. Money that is stolen is a great food for vampires.

Because of the energy suckers and psychic predators, good people suffer. The only protection that comes from purity and goodness keeps them at bay.

After a thousand years, the protection of people slowly breaks down, which is the reason why the regressives can incarnate again and try to be more advantageous by sucking off others.

Many watch Armageddon in trans because it is a war happening in a Mirror-World dimension. As dominoes fall, the rest of the tyrants go down the curve.

And, because of their evolution, they will be more cruel and nasty. Everything is precise there is no creeping back. So, try to be a good person, or be careful.

This article is inspired by Stuard Wilde’s teaching. He is one of the greatest metaphysical teachers in the world. Some of the most popular New Thought and New Age teachers and writers were inspired by him.

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