A True Qi-Gong Master Demonstrates What Chi Energy Is

What Is Chi Energy? A Real Qi-Gong Master Answers The Question

As it appears, each culture in the world there is a well-known topic in the imaginations of people. That is the chance that we possess some abilities that only several people know how to express them, and some believe it is a real thing.

Allegedly, the Chinese government and the American CIA believe that a man called Zhang Baosheng possesses supernatural abilities. There are some “stargate files” that say the man can make small objects to get into other objects without making any changes.

In fact, it is like a human walking through walls without causing any damage. According to an article, the experiment showed that Mr. Baosheng has some supernatural abilities.

A document about Zhang B. named “Chronology of Recent Interest in Exceptional Functions of the Human Body in the People’s Republic of China.

The document says that nineteen researchers conducted PK experiments, and were led by professor Lin Shushang. Back in 1984. Zhang B. began to be a full-time subject of the research team.

The Chinese government and the CIA believe that this man has supernatural abilities is big proof that he can actually move an object through other objects. A researcher from the physics department for six months studied Mr. Baosheng.

They reported experiments in which pieces of paper were put in a sealed test tube. Then, after about five minutes of observation and recording from many angles, the pieces of paper appeared outside the tube without any explanation. The counter was sealed.

Moreover, Zhang B. transferred objects like paper clips and even insects. In one document of CIA, in 1987 scientists from the Institute of Space-Medico Engineering disclosed a part of their work in form of a film.

In an ominous way, the film depicted one pill going through a sealed glass in three frames of a four hundred frame a second film. Is this a proof that objects can move through other objects without causing a damage? Can we move through walls?