A Glass Of Celery Juice May Help Lower Hypertension, Sugar Levels, Arthritis And Gout Pain

This plant belongs to the same family with fennel and parsley. It can be up to sixteen inches tall. White celery in comparison with green celery has less chlorophyll. Often, people use this plant for the preparation of salads and soups.

Because of its salty taste, it is great when combined with sweeter fruit juices. It depends on the type, but some may be very salty.

Nutrients Found in Celery

The leaves of celery contain a lot of vitamin A, and the stems are a great source of vitamin C, B1, B6, and B2. Also, it is rich in folate, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, and a lot of essential amino acids.

During juicing, the nutrients in the fiber are released, and they aid bowel movements. Celery contains salt which is very safe and essential for the body. While iodized sodium (table salt) is harmful to people with high blood pressure, this one is not (source).

Interestingly, this plant keeps its nutrients even during cooking.

Health Benefits

Due to its nutrients, celery is really healthy and contains many health benefits. It is known to lower the blood pressure, and when you combine it with other juices, it helps other conditions too.

Here are some health benefits of celery juice you may find helpful:


Since celery replaces the lost electrolytes and it provides you with its rich minerals, it is great as a post-workout tonic. (source)


Due to its minerals, celery neutralizes acidity in the body and balances the pH of the blood. (source)


The juice of this plant has been shown to lower bad cholesterol in the body. (source)

Blood Pressure

Due to its organic sodium, celery can decrease the blood pressure. Consuming celery juice each day for one week can decrease blood pressure. It contains one compound named phthalides that helps relax muscles around arteries, so the blood can flow normally. (source)

In order to get the best results, consume celery juice for a week, then make a pause for three weeks, and begin again.


Since it contains natural laxatives, celery can help you ease constipation. Also, it can relax the nerves that were overworked due to chemical laxatives. (source)


The sodium and potassium in the juice stimulate urine production and regulate body fluid.

Kidney Function

Celery helps in removing toxins from the body, and that is why it is great for your kidneys.


It contains polyacetylene which eases inflammation such as bronchitis, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and osteoarthritis. (source)

Weight Loss

Consuming celery juice during the day can help you control your cravings for rich food and sweets.

Nervous System

Celery juice has organic alkaline minerals, which calm the nervous system. So, people who struggle with insomnia may find this juice helpful.

Break Urinary Stones

Besides the diuretic effect, celery juice can help in breaking urinary stones and gallbladder stones.


When it comes to consuming celery, try choosing the green one because it is rich in chlorophyll. Also, make sure that it has firm ribs, not limp. Wrap it in a plastic bag or store it in a sealed container if you want to keep it in the refrigerator.

Since it usually wilts quickly, you should avoid keeping it at room temperature for too long. If it has wilted, sprinkle it with some water and put it in a fridge for several hours to regain its crispiness.

Keep in mind:

Celery has a protective layer named psoralen that keeps it safe from pesticides. So, if you notice some skin issues, you should know that you may be sensitive to psoralens.

Also, some people say that celery lowers their low blood pressure, so, maybe you should avoid it if your blood pressure is low.

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