Cassini Beams Back The Closest Ever Images Of Saturn

Cassini And Another Breakthrough Astonishing And Closest Ever Images Of Saturn!

These are some astonishing images of Saturn. The Cassini spacecraft is again making history. It is getting closer to Saturn, and it was able to send incredible and unique photos from the mysterious gap between Saturn and its rings.

According to NASA, the photos are still unprocessed, and it is not clear what they represent. Thomas Zurbuchen reported that there is no other spacecraft that has managed to go through the special region that they will try to cross twenty-two times.

We can now learn and understand more about how the enormous planets and systems develop and evolve. It is an amazing discovery.

NASA said that the new photos are the closest look we have ever gotten into the atmosphere as well as a huge hurricane of Saturn.

Even though there were some problems in communication with Cassini, NASA has found a way to pick up some radio signals thanks to the DSN antenna in California, Goldstone.

Also, NASA announced via Twitter that they had contacted Cassini successfully. Jim Green is the director of the Division for Planetary Sciences at NASA.

And, he reported that Cassini had done one more successful job, and they have shown us that our curiosity takes us to wonderful places, but only if we dare.

Recently, the spacecraft has performed the first of twenty-two dives through the gap between Saturn and its rings, and they send magnificent photos.

The Cassini project manager, Earl Maize said that no other spacecraft had done something like Cassini spacecraft. He also said that they could count on predictions which were based on experience with Saturn’s rings.

The spacecraft managed to do everything by the plan, and it is in great shape after coming out. Professionals say that the gap between the planet and its rings is wide about 2,000 km.

Since Cassini is traveling with a speed of about 124,000 km an hour, there is a possibility of small particles crashing into areas of the spacecraft, and they may disable it.

So, as prevention, its large disk is used as a protection from ring particles. As Cassini gets closer to the atmosphere of Saturn, it will send back meaningful data.

It is a 6.7 m. tall spacecraft and it has been orbiting Saturn for thirteen years since 2004 when it reached the orbit. When the spacecraft plunges unto Saturn, the mission will be over.

According to Earl, they will reach the atmosphere of Saturn no matter what happens. More data will be received as Cassini is getting into Saturn.

Linda Spilker is the project scientist at NASA, and she reveals that the amount of data that Cassini has provided will be enough for the scientists for several decades.

As you can see these are some mysterious and interesting photos.

And below is a photo that represents the distance of 1400 km from our planet Earth. Incredible, right?

One of the most outstanding discoveries is that some of the Saturn’s moons are mostly in our solar system, so that would mean that there may be life.

Likewise, the spacecraft has revealed that there is a huge ocean within Enceladus, as well as seas of liquid methane on Titan. These discoveries are simply marvelous. We are looking forward to more interesting and useful information.