Put Bug-Repelling Mason Jars Outside to Deal with Mosquitos

We all love the warm and sunny weather in summer, but we all hate insects, especially mosquitos. They are incredibly annoying and will never allow us to fully enjoy the sunny days.

Plus, with the recent Zika virus epidemic, it is only normal to want to get rid of these pests. That is why we recommend you try this amazing trick.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitos

Most people use bug sprays they purchase from shops. These sprays have a very dangerous chemical known as DEET, which can cause plenty of health issues like allergies and skin irritation. Also, it can interfere with the nervous system.

That is why it is best to try to use a more healthier alternative. Here are some of the best natural bug repellents you can use to avoid using bug sprays.

Amazing Chemical-Free Bug Repellents

Have you tried any of these yet?

Citronella Essential Oil

Citronella oil is extracted from lemongrass. People say that it can keep all the flying insects, including mosquitos, away. Because of its strong scent, this essential oil can be a powerful repellent.

Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil

This particular oil is extracted from the lemon eucalyptus tree. More accurately, from its leaves. According to numerous studies, this essential oil can be incredibly effective for keeping mosquitos away.

Citrus Fruit

According to research, some substances that are made from citrus fruit peels can be extremely useful for repelling mosquitos.

Homemade Mason Jars for Repelling Mosquitos

If you combine all of these powerful ingredients, you will get an incredibly amazing repellent. Plus, it is completely natural, and it contains no harmful chemicals. Here is what you will need to make it.

  • disc candles
  • four rosemary sprigs
  • one  sliced lime
  • one sliced lemon
  • ten drops of essential  citronella oil
  • ten drops of essential lemon eucalyptus oil
  • two mason jars

To prepare this repellent, add the lime and lemon slices to each jar. Then, place the rosemary sprigs into the jars. After that, fill each jar with ¾ water and add different essential oil to every jar.

Do not mix the ingredients, simply light a candle to activate them. This is a bug-repellent jar you shouldn’t miss. Plus, it can even make a great addition to your porch, backyard, outdoor areas, and campfire.

So, spend your summer days mosquito – free.

Natural Remedies for Treating Mosquito Bites

Have you already been bitten by these pesky insects? Here are some amazing natural remedies that can help you soothe the itchiness and pain.

  • toothpaste
  • baking soda paste mixed with water
  • lime juice
  • honey
  • vinegar
  • tea bags
  • Aloe Vera

To use any of these natural remedies, simply apply them to the affected area and wait for results.

To make the baking soda paste, simply mix a bit of the ingredients (water and baking soda) together to get a suitable paste. Apply this paste on the affected area and let it sit there for a couple of minutes.

Next, wash the area to clean the remedy. Water and baking soda make an alkaline solution that can soothe the itchiness and neutralize the pH level of the skin.

This recipe is a traditional Grandmother's-Remedy that has been used for hundreds of years. Although there is no scientific evidence to support these claims, our Grandmothers swear by it.
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