What Happens to the Human Body When We Walk Barefoot on Earth?

The Surprising Benefits of Walking Barefoot

Grounding or ‘’earthing’’ means to place the bare feet on the ground. The reason for this practice lies in the negative charge that the Earth carries. This charge is rich with electrons, which in turn can serve as a great supply of antioxidants.

Dr. James, an expert in the field of medicine and a Ph.D. in biology from the University of Pittsburg, claims that walking barefoot on the Earth’s soil can boost the overall health and provide a boost of positive feelings (source).

However, for many reasons, some people are still reluctant to walk barefoot unless they are at the beach. By walking barefoot, you can align yourself with the same negative electrons as the Earth.

In other words, your body will absorb negative electrons which can boost your health.

Benefits of Walking Barefoot

According to research issued in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, grounding may even become a potential treatment for various chronic degenerative diseases.

As a result, scientists concluded that even the simplest contact with the earth, could serve as a natural strategy to prevent (source):

  • inflammation,
  • chronic stress,
  • pain,
  • ANS dysfunction,
  • bad sleep,
  • hypercoagulable blood,
  • cardiovascular disease,
  • disturbed HRV

As the research claims, grounding may be equally as important as getting an adequate amount of sunshine, nutritious food, water, clean air, and physical activity (source).

Supported by Research

Moreover, a different study conducted by the Military Clinical Hospital in Powstancow found that the concentration of the blood urea in subjects who are grounded decreases. In other words, exercises with barefoot can greatly improve exercise recovery.

According to results, grounding during exercise hinders the protein catabolism of the liver or boosts the kidney urea excretion. Furthermore, grounding affects protein metabolism which can result in a positive nitrogen balance.

This action is of great importance in understanding the human metabolic process and may be beneficial for training programs for athletes (source).

Further Research

Other research from the University of California found that grounding can also improve the regular facial blood flow. As we mentioned before, studies have shown that grounding may even reduce blood viscosity, which is a huge factor in cardiovascular disease.

Moreover, one study issued in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine indicated that grounding might be the main factor in regulating the nervous and endocrine system (source).

How to Get Grounded

We spend most of our time walking with shoes, plastic soles, or rubber shoes.

Since these materials are insulators, they disconnect us from the Earth’s electron flow. However, if you walk barefoot on soil, sand, grass, ceramic, concrete, you will be able to connect to the Earth’s energy.

In addition, you will be grounded. Therefore, walking on rubber, asphalt, plastic, wood, tar, doesn’t have the same effect. So, you can only be grounded if you touch the natural surface of the Earth.

Lastly, the next time you want to spend some time at the park, make sure that you take off your shoes. This way you will improve your overall health and even sleep better. This is an easy and convenient friendly lifestyle approach.