3 Reasons To Ask Yourself “What If?”

When you ask yourself “What if,” you can save your happiness, career, and even your life. This question is not having a negative impact on your mind, but it is excellent for your success as well as mental health.

Some people may think that asking this question may bring them down. And, according to Dr. Travis Bradberry who is the co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 these people are right.

He says that this is asking yourself “what if,” makes you more stressed. However, there are people who think differently. Statistics say that one in every four Americans suffers from a mental health problem at some point in their life.

One in ten people struggles with serious depression. About half a million people try to harm themselves. However, what if you can develop a meaningful life?

It does not have to mean that you need to struggle with some mental issue, maybe you want to succeed in your career. No matter what is going on with you, there are three reasons why you should ask yourself “What if?”

1. What If You Are Not Hopeless? You Are Powerful

If you are struggling with depression, and when you think as nothing will ever change, you should start asking yourself “what if” because in that way you are aware that you have a choice.

One girl named Benny was sure that she was helpless. She did not finish her school, she had huge student debt, and did not find a good job in her town.

While Benny’s friends finished school, got married, started their careers, she moved back in with her parents, and she accepted a job with less money. She was just sitting there and watching TV while the time went by.

She thought as well as believed that she was unable to do anything. She was sure that she could not earn money to purchase a car, to find a better job. She believed that she could never finish school or leave her parents’ house.

But, since she was not responsible, she was thrown away, and she started sleeping on her friend’s couch. So, she began to realize that things needed to change, that needed a different point of view. She started asking herself “what if?”

This woman worked harder, and she managed to earn two promotions as well as raises. She managed to get herself a car because she asked herself what if people can help her.

She managed to find herself an apartment because she asked herself what if she can afford it. Benny got a new possibility to finish her school because she started asking what if she can decrease her debts.

2. What If You Survive? You Will Overcome Your Fears

It is natural to us to have the ‘fight or flight’ response sometimes, and we also, paralyze out of fear. When we are afraid of rejection, failure, and humiliation our mind may just go blank.

Sometimes we joke when we cannot think of the answer, but our fear is what stops us from thinking. A good example of this is phobias. Some people even though they are healthy and they have a good job, they just fear like their life may come to an end soon.

So, when these fears are strong, these people cannot do a lot in their work. They just think there is no point in pushing. But, if you are one of these people, you should start asking yourself what if you survive.

You will become able to overcome your fears, make more contacts, and become more successful. Being afraid of change may paralyze you. You should not think you are too young, too old, too skinny, or too fat for people to take you seriously.

You should not allow yourself to be inactive because of fear. If you have survived something before, you can do it again.

3. What If You Can Do More? Hope Moves You Forward

Nowadays there are many people struggling with anxiety, depression, and addiction. Some think that there is no hope. But, the negative feelings and thoughts you have can change you and your world.

Those who struggle with depression and anxiety are also demotivated, experience fatigue, as well as cognitive and physical slowness, and many confuse this with not trying. But, that is not true; these people cannot just get up and be positive.

However, asking yourself ‘what if’ can help you recover and heal. It is possible to leave an abusive relationship, to learn new skills and to find a better job. A kid can feel hopeless if she/he cannot learn how to ride a bike.

A musician doubts that one day someone will discover him. When you feel hopeless, you should ask yourself ‘what if’ and you will get many options. Remember, it is your choice, and you can always get out of whatever you are into.

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