10 Things To Accomplish By Spending 2 Hours A Day For 2 Years

10 Things You Can Achieve By Spending 2 Hours Per Day For 2 Years

In our lifetime we have aims that we want to realize. But, often, delay these aims, and they never realize. These are not things like sleeping, eating or bathing, but it is about nurturing your soul and mind. Nowadays, we forget about these.

We are totally focused on earning and possessing things when we should be focused on improving our skills, knowledge as well as abilities that can serve us to make the world a better place.

In this article, we offer you ten things you should accomplish if you want to reach your aims, and you need two hours per day in two years. If you are confused where to start, it does not matter, just choose one.

1. Stronger Bond with Your Family

Well, some may think that it is nonsense that if we are putting the family number 1 on the list. However, the only thing that is sure for us is that we are going to die.

Since you have no idea how much we have left in this world, you need to put your beloved ones on the list of top priorities. You need to spend quality time with these people, and forget about distractions like the Internet, the phone, the TV and so on.

This way, you will be able to learn a lot about your beloved ones as well as form a stronger connection.

2. Do a Mental, Body, and Health Makeover

Find time to be physically active and make sure to eat a proper diet. If you exercise for an hour per day, and you do it 5-6 times a week, as well as eat healthy foods, you can notice a change in just three months.

And, doing this for 2 hours per day in a period of 2 years would be even more fascinating.

3. Read More Than 60 Books

You should read more than sixty books on a certain topic in order to become closer to being an expert. You just need 2 hours per day to read a book which is of good quality. Also, make sure to take notes, and you can even highlight parts that you like.

And, and you can write down what you think on a certain topic. When you read the book and the notes again, you will see how much you have grown and changed.

4. Learn Languages

Among the things you can really achieve by spending 2 hours per day is learning a new language. When you know another language, it will be more fun to you when you travel abroad. You can feel like you are a native.

Try many learning approaches, and choose the one that you think fits you best. When you go through the basics, you can meet with a native speaker and try spending 1-2 hours per week with them in order to practice.

Anyway, do not focus on many languages at the same time. Make sure to put your attention to one language and master it. You can try a phone app like Skritter that can help you learn numerous languages.

5. Learn Things That You Find Interesting

Choose something that is not related to your work, and learn more about it. When you spend two hours per day on studying something that is interesting to you, you will be able to relax and understand things in challenging ways.

6. Be the Best in Your Field

Everyone can accomplish be among the best in their field. You can find a mentor and work in a smart way. Even though a mentor may not have 2 hours to dedicate to you, they can give you tasks you can do during those hours.

7. Do New Things

You can become a licensed SCUBA diver. You should take some time and explore the world around you. Go where only a few people go. And, make sure to experience new things.

8. Do Charity Work

People who are successful have one thing in common, and that is charity work. Through doing charity, you are helping your community.

Also, when you are able to provide help to those who need it, you feel good about yourself. One of the most rewarding things in life is giving while not expecting to receive anything in return.

9. Share Your Knowledge

You can start doing something through which you will be able to share your knowledge and skills, for example, you can write a book, start a YouTube channel, a blog or find another way. Although there are many people that would like to write a book, very few do.


Many people who want to start a YouTube channel, they just find it hard to start or to keep at it. Instead of creating, you should document interesting things, according to Gary Vaynerchuk.

Or you can follow the advice of Ann Handley. Do not be afraid to write. Just sit down and type, you will be able to reread and edit this first draft.

And, if you want to start a YouTube channel, remember that people do not care if the video is professionally made, but they are watching it because of its content. All you need to do is just start.

10. Do What You Have Always Wanted to Do

Think about your childhood and find out the thing you have always wanted to do but you just kept delaying it. There is a lot you can accomplish if you take 2 hours each day. Do not wait for the perfect moment.

Now is the perfect moment. Get up and start doing whatever you choose from this list. You will notice the change. And, make sure to be consistent.