3 Facebook Comment Secrets That You Didn’t Know

There is hardly anything on the social networks you haven’t heard of. Except for, probably these 3 awesome Facebook comment features. Have you tried them before? Have you tried commenting on something and seeing weird things happen?

No, not screen freezing or the battery dying. But, something quite sweet and surprising. Like balloons, confetti, thumbs up and tiny hearts filling up your screen. If you haven’t seen these things, the time has come!

All you have to do is comment or type the following words in a status and something cool will happen. Now we get to teach you some amazing tips and tricks you can use on Facebook. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

No.1 Thumbs Up!

This trick is simple. All you have to do is type ‘’Rad’’ as a comment or status and see what will happen. Countless thumbs up will fill up your screen. Fun isn’t it? It is a simple share of appreciation that will let you enjoy the moment.

So, give it a try!

No.2 Balloons and Confetti

Want to raise the mood and celebrate? Here is something you should definitely try! Type the word ‘’Congrats’’ in the status or a comment of your choice. Now get ready to see your screen splash in different-colored confetti and balloons.

Plus, you can even use them as a gender revealing trick. You can pick either pink or blue balloon. Therefore, you can pick balloons based on a baby’s gender. Furthermore, if blue or pink balloons appear it means that you are expecting a baby.

But, if yellow balloons cover your screen, you can always fix that, if you know what we mean!

No.3 Hearts

It is time to shower your bestie or lover with some kisses! Besides, how many times have you sent them XOXO in the message? Well, it is time to post it or comment it. Therefore, write ‘’XOXO’’ in a status or comment to see your screen fill up with hearts.

How awesome is that?

Final Thoughts

We all need to fill our days with joy. Well, even the simplest things in life can make us happy. Therefore, spread all that love, positive energy, and good karma on social media. Seize every opportunity you get. This way you will brighten everyone’s day.

Plus, we all feel fulfilled, happy, and lucky when we spend time with someone who is filled with positive energy. So, help us brighten someone else’s day by sharing this post. Write happy and lovable comments to your friends and loved ones and see the magic happen.

Everything we say matters. Even if we type it. Spreading positive energy in your surroundings and of course, social media can make someone else’s day a lot better. So, don’t forget to be positive and share some love.

Finally, don’t forget that even the simplest things can mean a lot to someone. So, don’t spread hatred, anger, and negative energy. Especially if you don’t want someone else to spread that energy around you.